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3000 and 4000 Grafts Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey

What is the Average Price for Hair Transplant in Turkey?

The cost of a hair transplant procedure in Turkey is one of the most asked questions our hair transplant doctors get. The most popular response is that an initial consultation is expected before the patient is informed of the procedure’s exact costs. The cost of a hair transplant in Turkey is much lower than in other countries, and regardless of the final cost of a hair transplant, you can save up to 80% by having the operation performed in our trusted medical centres.

To achieve the best results in hair transplant procedures in Turkey, highly trained clinicians and a modern facility are needed. We work with the best clinics in order to achieve the best possible results for each transplant. So, you can be assured that any part of your hair transplant will follow the highest industry requirements.

If you are searching for the right hair transplant clinic in Turkey, we welcome you to visit our clinic for advanced and customized treatments, regardless of your hair loss issues.

How much does 3000 and 4000 hair transplants cost in Turkey?

The number of grafts used in a hair transplant is the most important factor to consider when you think about the average cost of hair transplant in Turkey. During the consultation, the surgeon would be able to determine the number of grafts needed based on the individual’s particular pattern.

In Turkey, the average cost of a hair transplant procedure is 2,000 EUR with a minimum of 1,500 grafts. It is necessary to note, though, that a hair transplant normally necessitates more than 2,000 grafts. In terms of the maximum number of grafts that can be inserted, it can exceed over 6,000 EUR.

3000 grafts hair transplant cost in Turkey is about 3000 EUR and the price for 4000 grafts is about 4000 EUR. You should note that these are the average prices.

The procedure method is one of the most significant costs involved with hair transplant surgery in Turkey. Follicular Unit Extraction and Follicular Unit Transplantation are two of the most advanced and widely used procedures in our Turkish clinic. These are still the most common among patients, and they come at a low price as compared to the outcomes. The patient and the surgeon will decide about the right course of action.

Other charges should be included in addition to the costs of the hair replacement operation. Travel expenses, if the patient is from another world, are one of them.

Flight costs vary depending on the patient’s home country; however, Turkey has an excellent geographic location and is available from nearly anywhere in the world, whether you are visiting from Europe, Asia, or even North or South America.

The cost of accommodation must then be taken into account, but it will be so much lower than the total cost. Patients should be assured that Turkey is one of the world’s most well-known tourist destinations, thanks to its low hotel prices and outstanding weather.

We suggest planning time for your hair transplant trip to take advantage of discounted flights or even travel or hotel deals, whether they are available.

What are the cost differences in Turkey between FUE and FUT?

Even though there are other treatments that can be used, the FUE and FUT procedures are the most well-known and best on a global scale, which is why we use them in our medical clinics. The treatment used and the amount of grafts needed would have the most effect on the cost of a hair transplant in Turkey. While a hair transplant using the FUE method can cost up to 2,500 euros, a transplant using the FUT method can cost as little as a few hundred euros. However, when considering the long-term gains, the price gap is insignificant.

Personalized hair transplant procedures in our medical clinics

The number of hair transplant clinics has increased dramatically across the world in recent years, but Turkey remains a top, if not the most popular, destination for such an operation. Our hair transplant clinic is your go-to destination for every kind of hair transplant treatment due to its fruitful past, skilled surgeons’ expertise, and additional facilities.

We carefully personalize and deal so that our patients feel as special as they are. We treat each patient individually, taking into consideration their medical history and cultural heritage, to achieve the best possible outcomes from such a treatment, and at a reasonable cost.

Our surgeons will answer all your questions and will take the time to walk you through every step of the hair transplant process, including the costs involved.

Why are hair transplant prices so cheap in Turkey?

In terms of hair transplant surgeries, Turkey is the top country in the world. With over 5000 patients a month traveling to Turkey for hair transplants, it is no surprise that the industry is worth about $1 billion to the Turkish economy. Foreigners come to Turkey not only for the low cost of hair transplants, but also for the experienced surgeons and cutting-edge therapies and tools. So, what accounts for Turkey’s low hair transplant prices?

Administrative fees, insurance contracts, and labour costs all affect hair transplant treatment prices in Western European countries and the United States. According to a 2017 survey by the World Health Organization, more than 70% of the medical costs are driven up by labour. This is the primary reason why hair transplant costs in Turkey are much lower than in other more industrialized countries.

For patients who have been suffering from the symptoms of hair loss for a long time, we provide full treatment options with long-term natural outcomes at our hair transplant clinic in Turkey. The procedure’s protection is assured using new equipment that allows for the sampling of high-density follicles. Our surgeons have an established track record of successful hair transplants, so success is our top priority. Our costs are not high, but our offerings are of high quality. In the opposite, we have high-quality care to patients all over the world at lower costs than many European, American, and Middle Eastern nations.

What is the Average Price for Hair Transplant in Turkey?

Why should you get a hair transplant in Turkey?

Turkey is one of Europe’s most beautiful tourist destinations, so a hair transplant operation can be a wonderful way to see some of the country’s most beloved historic sites, particularly because hair transplants are typically a minor and minimally invasive procedure. Turkey has become one of the leading hair transplant destinations in the world thanks to specialist surgeons, advanced procedures, high-quality requirements, and low hotel prices.

Patients were initially drawn to Turkey for plastic surgery; but, as more divisions of medical tourism grew, Turkey became one of the most important countries on the map for hair transplant surgeries.

Since Turkey is known for its medical tourism industry, foreign patients will buy packages that include a hotel stay and a hair transplant surgery, accompanied by a well-deserved holiday, all for a fraction of the cost of a hair transplant treatment in other countries. Lower prices do not always imply lower quality. Turkey, on the other hand, is the opposite.

The country was able to bring together several characteristics, such as labour costs, start-up costs, and others, that were conducive to the growth of the medical tourism sector in general. We welcome you to visit our clinic in Turkey to determine which hair transplant treatment is right for you.

Please message us an e-mail with pictures of your hair to get a price discount for a hair transplant in our clinic.