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Turkey vs. Sweden- Price Comparison for Hair Transplant

What is the Difference Between the Costs of Sweden vs Turkey?

Sweden, as a developed country with a high cost of living and a large workforce, is one of the most expensive countries in which to undergo a hair transplant. As a result, Swedish patients are looking to other nations that are more cost-effective, such as Turkey, where they may have these treatments done for one-third of the price they would pay in Sweden. Even though the patients must stay in a hotel and pay for their travel tickets, the total cost of a hair transplant in Turkey is far less than that of a similar procedure in Sweden. We also provide all inclusive hair transplant packages in Turkey which include all needs of patients when traveling to Turkey such as lodging and transfer.

When comparing the costs of a hair transplant in Turkey and Sweden, patients should keep in mind that the price varies depending on the procedure.

Procedures for hair transplantation in Turkey and Sweden

In the past few years, the hair transplant industry has grown a lot and new treatments are constantly surfacing, and it is the major goal of our doctors in Turkey to keep up with these new advances in order to offer our patients the best services.

In our trusted hair transplant clinic in Turkey, we have a large number of specialists that specialize in various types of hair transplant operations, and while requesting a consultation with one of these specialists may appear to be more expensive, the cost of such a consultation is less expensive than in Sweden.

In Turkey, a patient can benefit from the following hair transplant procedures:

  • Hair transplantation on both male and female patients’ scalps is the most common.
  • Hair transplant operations for the face, such as beard and mustache, are also available.
  • We also provide medical procedures such as eyelash and eyebrow hair transplants at our facility.

If you require any other sort of service not listed here, please do not hesitate to inquire about it with our hair transplant doctors in Turkey.

Despite the fact that these operations are also available in Sweden, most patients prefer our clinics in Turkey because of the professionalism with which they are treated. Turkey has also become one of the most popular hair transplant destinations in the globe. Furthermore, Turkey is now one of Europe’s most important medical hubs, not only for hair transplants but also for other cosmetic surgery operations.

FUE hair transplant in Turkey and Sweden

Follicular Unit Extraction is one of the most popular hair transplant procedures in Turkey and Sweden (FUE). FUE, as one of the newest and most advanced treatments, is utilized in many clinics throughout the world, including Turkey and Sweden, and has a very high success rate.

In comparison to FUE hair transplants in Sweden, FUE hair transplants in Turkey are less expensive. As previously said, the cost of a hair transplant is determined by the quantity of hair grafts implanted in the donor area, and the price per graft in Turkey is lower than in other countries, including Sweden, lowering the overall cost of the treatment.

The steps of a FUE hair transplant in our Turkish clinics are as follows:

To establish the estimated amount of grafts to be harvested and transplanted, our specialists will first analyze the donor and recipient locations.

The donor location is then prepped so that healthy grafts can be collected for a successful transplant;

A topical anesthetic is also applied to the recipient area to ensure that the hair transplant is as comfortable as possible.

Following the transplant, the patient will be observed for a brief while before being released.

As previously said, during the initial consultation, our experts will estimate the number of grafts required, allowing them to provide patients with an estimate of the total cost of the treatment. Our doctors are also willing to answer any inquiries, therefore patients are asked to prepare a list of questions for our surgeons to clear up any uncertainties they may have regarding the surgeries they are considering.

Hair Transplant Prices in Turkey vs Sweden

Hair Transplant Prices in Turkey vs Sweden

Choosing to have a hair transplant in a foreign nation can be a challenging decision. Saving a lot of money, on the other hand, can be a powerful motivator, and hundreds of people from Sweden travel to Turkey each year for these kinds of surgeries.

When comparing the average hair transplant pricing in Turkey and Sweden, it is clear that Turkey is significantly less expensive. The following are the average cost for such treatments in the two countries:

• Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) method: because this is a more classic hair transplant process, it is less expensive.

In Turkey; around 1,700 €

In Sweden; around 4,300 €

• Method of Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE):

In Turkey; between  1,700 € and 2,900 €;

In Sweden; around 10,600 €.

Positive Results of Hair transplantation in Turkey 

Despite the fact that hair transplant charges in Turkey are substantially lower than in Sweden, patients may expect the same level of service and great results in our clinic as they would in any Swedish facility. This is made possible by the highly skilled and experienced surgeons on staff, as well as the state-of-the-art facilities and high level of medical care provided. Results of hair transplant in Turkey will surprise you.

Hundreds of clients from Sweden and throughout the world have chosen our Turkey hair transplant clinics for their hair restoration procedures, and they have been incredibly pleased with the outcomes. They can not only save a lot of money on operations, but they can also have a wonderful vacation at one of Europe’s most beautiful tourist sites.

Why should you have a hair transplant in Turkey rather than Sweden?

Both Turkey and Sweden have hair transplant specialists working in their facilities, which makes choosing between the two difficult, especially for individuals living in Sweden’s neighboring nations. They should be aware, however, that Turkey is a lot sunnier country than Sweden.

Turkey is one of the most visited nations in the world for medical reasons, which says volumes about the quality and affordability of clinics here, including those that undertake hair transplant treatments.

Two of the most essential reasons to pick Turkey if you want a natural look following a hair transplant are the expert doctors and state-of-the-art facilities. When you factor in the cheaper costs compared to other destinations like Sweden or Norway, Turkey becomes a far more enticing option for such a surgery.

If you require hair transplant therapies at a low cost, please contact our team of hair transplant specialists in Turkey. We will assess your situation and make you a personalized offer that includes the cost of hair transplantation at our Turkish medical centres as well as a specific hair restoration strategy.