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The Cost of an Ankle Replacement in Turkey: High Quality

What is the Cost of an Ankle Replacement in Turkey? Is It Affordable?

Ankle replacement in Turkey is a medical treatment or operation that necessitates collaboration between specialized surgeons, anesthetists, and a variety of other medical specialists. Given the scope of everything involved, such as the skill level, training, and experience required of the experts, as well as the high-tech equipment utilized in the operating room, this sort of Orthopedics surgery / treatment may be rather costly. Medical records, reports, or any other supporting documentation may be necessary for the expert to review prior to treatment for Ankle Replacement.

How Is The Recovery of an Ankle Replacement in Turkey?

Recovery time for ankle replacement varies from person to person, as it does with any major operation. Various factors, such as the type of sedation (anesthetic) and the length of time you’re sedated, might impact your rapid recovery, but you should anticipate spending some time resting on the ward before being discharged. After that, you can anticipate resting for a few more days before returning to mild exercise – remember, Ankle Replacement is a serious operation that requires time for your body to heal. In terms of aftercare, it’s critical that you follow the surgeon’s instructions and stick to the drug regimen. You’ll also be given advice on food, how to care for and heal wounds, and how to spot warning signs of any infection.

How Long Do I Have to Stay in the Hospital for Ankle Replacement in Turkey?

The medical staff would most likely advise you to stay in Turkey for at least 3 days up to two weeks after your operation to enable time for your wounds to heal and sutures to be removed, if necessary. Before allowing you to return home, the surgeon will want to see you for at least one or two postoperative consultations. Given recent improvements in medical technology and surgeon skill, the success rate for Ankle Replacement in Turkey is currently quite high. However, problems such as infection, hemorrhage, numbness, edema, and scar tissue are always a possibility with any operation. However, if you relax after surgery and follow the surgeon’s recovery instructions, you may expect to minimize your chances to almost nil.

When Do I Need Ankle Surgery in Turkey?

Different forms of ankle surgery are performed to address various sorts of ankle injuries and medical problems.

The following are some of the most frequent ankle issues that may require surgery:

A fractured ankle

Ankle arthritis causes discomfort and immobility.

Multiple sprains or other reasons can develop chronic ankle instability.

Ankle deformity

Ankle tendonitis or synovitis

What is the Cost of An Ankle Replacement in Turkey?

Why Get Ankle Replacement in Turkey?

Turkey is home to some of the most sophisticated medical and surgical technology, as well as some of the top multidisciplinary hospitals, clinics, and medical institutions in the world, all of which can offer the best orthopedic surgery choices. Doctors, surgeons, nurses, technicians, and other support personnel are really kind and helpful. They have the qualifications and training to offer you with world-class care.

What is the Cost of An Ankle Fusion in Turkey?

Ankle fusion, also known as ankle arthrodesis, is a procedure that involves fusing the ankle bones together using medical nails, screws, plates, and other medical hardware. This procedure is beneficial for a variety of reasons, including the treatment of arthritis. Ankle fusion procedures come in a variety of forms. Ankle fusion surgery requires a six- to sixteen-week recuperation time. Your ankle can only take on weight once a certain number of weeks has elapsed. A person who has had an ankle fusion should use a walker or crutches for one and a half to two months after the procedure.

The cost of an ankle joint replacement in Turkey starts from $4000 and can go up to $9000. So, the average price of ankle replacement in Turkey is $6500. These prices change because of the doctors’ expertise, hospital quality and location, employee salaries etc. Cure Booking makes sure you get the high quality ankle replacement surgery in Turkey at the most affordable prices. 

Is It a Safe Procedure to Get in Turkey?

Ankle surgery in Turkey is a safe and effective procedure that is offered by various ankle surgery hospitals in Istanbul and other cities. They offer cost-effective medical packages to international patients which helps them save 40-60% on the overall treatment, especially for patients from Western countries.

However, the price may vary depending on the type of surgery, choice of hospital, surgeon’s experience, length of stay, rehabilitation required and other factors. To know more about the ankle ligament surgery cost in Turkey, share your medical reports with us via Whatsapp or email.