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Face Lift Procedure in Turkey, Face Lift Prices

How Can I Benefit from a Face Lift in Turkey?

A facelift in Turkey could be something you are thinking about for a variety of reasons. It is also known as a rhytidectomy, because it is a surgical operation that draws back and raises up the skin to make it look softer and thinner. Many individuals in Turkey undergo facelift surgery to obtain a more attractive look, since the operation reduces sagging or flabby skin around the neck and lower half of the face.

Your skin lacks elasticity when you grow older. Your facial muscles sag as well, giving you a droopy look. The speed at which this occurs varies from person to person. A facelift operation in Turkey, on the other hand, will correct this. It even tightens the skin around your face, making it a healthy recovery choice if you have lost a lot of weight.

Is a Facelift in Turkey Right for Me?

In terms of healing, it is a smart idea to plan ahead of time for this operation, since you’ll likely need to take a couple of weeks off work. It usually takes two to four weeks for most people to completely recover from this operation. For the first two weeks after surgery, you should expect noticeable bruises and swelling, and you should not drive. Additionally, you should prop your head up with pillows for a couple of days to avoid swelling. 

You should still stop making the bandages wet for the first two days, which means no showering. Massages, saunas, and strenuous exercise are also prohibited within the first two weeks.

Having a consultation with an expert surgeon is one of the most critical aspects of the operation, whether you are considering a facelift in Turkey or some other form of surgery. About the fact that our service is provided in Turkey, we provide consultations in the United Kingdom and Ireland for your convenience. This is your chance to ask a wide variety of questions. One of the most crucial inquiries you can make is how much the face lift would cost in Turkey in general. There are several variables that go into determining the total amount, which is why you should get a written estimate from your surgeon.

How am I Going to Spend My Days for a Facelift in Turkey?

DAY 1: You consult with the facelift surgeon to decide whether you want a full facelift or a mini facelift. Your facelift surgeon provides you with comprehensive knowledge about the procedure. The operation normally takes two to four hours. The anaesthesia will wear off within an hour, and you will regain consciousness. Your doctor will do an internal examination, and you will spend the first night of surgery in the hospital.

Most facelift surgery patients need a cold face mask to smooth the tissues and avoid swelling and bleeding during the procedure. After the treatment, you will be given a cold face mask.

Day 2: This will be the day of recovery and rehabilitation. In the morning, the doctor will do a second check-up and you will be released from the hospital. You will be given prescription reminders as well as instructions about how to wear and use the cold face mask. For the remainder of the day, you will sit in your hotel room and relax as soon as possible if you choose a facelift surgery package in Turkey.

3rd, 4th, and 5th days

On these days, it is recommended that you stay in your room and relax. It is recommended that you refrain from engaging in any athletic activity. You could go for a stroll or eat out. You may even like to go on a ferry trip or pay a visit to a historical site.

The facelift cost in Turkey starts from 4,000€. Prices for surgeries may vary depending on the method of procedure. The costs of cosmetic operations in Turkey are the best among many countries.

How is a Facelift Performed in Turkey? What is the Procedure?

Intravenous sedation or general anaesthesia was used on the patients. The patient’s right facelift surgery choice will be discussed with the plastic surgeon. Face lift surgery in Turkey can take anywhere from three to ten hours, depending on the procedures done. Patients are normally admitted to the hospital for one night. Scars can be seen on the forehead, in the temple region, and in the area in front of and behind the ear. If fats below the chin are removed, a 3-5 mm scar will appear below the chin. There will be small marks on the eyelids and scalp after eyelid and forehead raise surgeries. However, these marks cannot be seen since they are not obvious and are usually hidden by the plastic surgeon.

How Can I Benefit from a Face Lift in Turkey?

Facelifting Results in Turkey

Patients may feel bruises and swelling around the eyes and face after surgery, and they may be advised to keep their heads elevated for a few days to reduce swelling. Five days after, the stitches are taken from the patient.

The average recovery time is two to three weeks, but patients should be able to walk the day after surgery. It is important not to engage in strenuous tasks for the first five days after surgery. After three weeks, most people who have a facelift in Turkey can return to work and resume most daily tasks, and after six weeks, they can start exercising. Depending on the treatment, the patient, and aftercare, most facelifts are expected to last up to ten years.

Are There Any Risks for Getting Facelift Surgery in Turkey?

When preparing a facelift surgery, it is important to include the whole face. The aim is to attain or preserve facial equilibrium. The skin of the lower half of the face (lower face lift) is normally tightened during a facelift operation. When compared to the rejuvenated lower face, the upper half of the face (forehead and eyes) can look older. For deep creases on the patient’s forehead or frown lines between the brows, plastic surgeons may prescribe collagen or botulinum toxin injections. Wrinkles and lines on the patient’s face are usually improved but not eliminated by facial plastic surgery.

To soften the laugh lines and wrinkles between the patient’s nose and the corners of the mouth, the surgeon may prescribe chemical or laser resurfacing.

Facelift Side Effects in Turkey

Face lift problems are very uncommon. Prior to surgery, the doctors assess some possible complications with the patients.

Hematoma, inflammation, and anaesthesia responses are some of the risks associated with rhytidectomy surgery. Face lift wounds are normally well hidden; but, due to individual variations in recovery, this is not always the case. To limit the complications of facelift surgery, patients must meet the surgeon’s orders both before and after the procedure.

The average price for a facelift surgery in Turkey is $4350, the minimum price is $1500, and the maximum is $9200. You should know that these prices depend on the clinics, doctor’s expertise, clinics’ region, the cost of living, and medical fees.

You should contact us to get a personal quote about a facelift surgery in Turkey and be sure that you will get treatment by the most qualified clinics with high quality equipment in Turkey.