Eye Treatments In Turkey And The Cost In 2022

Eye diseases are diseases that, in most cases, require dependence on glasses or eye drops. This reduces the quality of life. Eye treatments developed thanks to modern medicine give permanent and definite results. You can get eye treatments from many successful clinics in Turkey. You can read the content for detailed information.

What are Eye Problems?

There are many types of eye diseases. These disorders reduce the quality of life and require constant use of glasses, contact lenses or medication. In some cases, there are even eye diseases that do not provide any treatment and can only be cured by operations. (such as squint) In such cases, patients looking for a permanent treatment method want to search the best clinics and get a good treatment.

Eye problems can cause many problems, such as blurred vision, Hypermetropic, nearsightedness, dizziness, nausea… Everyone has the right to treat many problems and live their life without being dependent on a drug or product. In this content, we have prepared a treatment guide that will enable you to get the best treatments at an affordable price.

As you continue reading, you can find a lot of information about the diseases treated in Turkey, their prices and success rates.

What are the symptoms of eye diseases?

  • Pain in the eyes
  • Sensation of a foreign object in the eye
  • Teardrop in the form of crying
  • Burr problems
  • Severe eye itching
  • Redness and burning sensation
  • Narrowing of the visual field
  • Droopy eyelid
  • Swelling of the eyelids
  • Squint eyes
eye treatment

Can Eye Problems Be Treated?

Many, if not all, eye diseases can be treated. With the necessary retinal surgery operations and laser treatments, it is quite possible to treat many eye diseases with the latest technology. However, some countries ask for thousands of euros for these treatments, creating a cost that strains the person’s budget. In such cases, patients can lead a better quality of life by receiving more affordable treatments in different countries.

What are the types of eye diseases?


Myopia is the problem of distant blurred vision.. It is the condition of seeing a distant object or person much less or blurry than a normal person. Many years ago, laser treatment was made possible. With an easy operation, thanks to the scratched retina, it is possible for the patient to completely get rid of lenses, glasses, and drugs, and receive a permanent and definitive treatment.


Hyperopia is the opposite of myopia. Hyperopia is not a visual defect, it is a refractive error of the eye.
Patients can get rid of this situation by using glasses or contact lenses for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, the use of glasses or contact lenses is not a cure. It is a laser operation that is necessary for the treatment of hyperopia. This can be done up to number 5 in many countries. Patients with 5 or more hyperpetopes cannot receive treatment in all countries. This is possible in Turkey.


Astigmatism is the problem of seeing both far and near. Patients with astigmatism have to continue their lives using glasses or lenses. If they do not use it, they experience dizziness, eye pain and nausea. This problem greatly reduces the quality of life. However, thanks to the development of technology, this eye disease can be treated permanently and definitively thanks to laser operations. It is possible to receive this treatment in Turkey.


Strabismus is the inability of the eyes to look at the same place or focus at the same time. This problem, which reduces the quality of life considerably, does not offer a temporary treatment with the use of any glasses or lens. Only one eye surgery is required to treat this problem. Strabismus surgery involves suturing the eye muscle to the eye wall after changing the correct insertion position or length of the eye muscle. It is possible to get this very important operation in Turkey.


Cataract is the deterioration, loss of transparency and dulling of the natural lens of the eye, which is located behind the pupil and provides vision. This serious eye problem is to significantly reduce eyesight. If left untreated, the disease can progress and cause complete loss of vision. For this reason, it is a problem that needs to be treated. Its treatment is possible in Turkey.

Why is Eye Treatment Important?

The eye is a very important organ for an individual to continue his life alone. Treating eye problems is very important. Because, if left untreated, it can lead to permanent blindness or limited vision. This is important for the individual to lead his/her life alone.

Is It Risky To Get Eye Treatment In Turkey?

No. Eye operations are very important operations. It is very important to get successful treatments. Receiving the treatments by successful and experienced doctors in good clinics minimizes any risk. Getting treatment in Turkey is very important for this situation. Clinics in Turkey work with highly successful and experienced doctors, the devices used are state-of-the-art devices and provide successful treatments. This shows how advantageous it would be for the patient to choose Turkey.

Advantages of Getting Treatment in Turkey

Cost-effective High dollar exchange rate enable tourists coming for treatment to receive treatment very cheaply.
Latest Technology DevicesThe devices used in the clinics are the best devices with the latest technology.
Experienced DoctorsTurkey is a health tourism location. For this reason, doctors are experienced in treating foreign patients.
Treatments with High Success RateWhen all these are combined, it is inevitable that the resulting treatment will be successful and of high quality.

What should I do to be treated in Turkey?

In order to be treated in Turkey, you must first choose a clinic. You should set an appointment date from the clinic you prefer, then buy your plane ticket and fly to Turkey. For accommodation, you should find a hotel close to the clinic, then go to the clinic for the necessary examinations.
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