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All Stomach (Gastric) Operation Procedures In Turkey And 2022 Affordable Prices

What Are Stomach Operations?

Stomach operations are surgical operations that are applied because overweight individuals cannot lose enough weight with diet and sports.It is possible to lose weight very quickly with these operations. However, not all stomach operations are suitable for everyone. It has some criteria. In our content, there is information about these criteria and procedures.

Stomach Balloon Procedure

It is a suitable procedure for any patient with a body mass index between 30 and 40 who has not had stomach or esophageal surgery before. At 6 months and 12 months, applications are possible.

Gastric balloon procedure: It begins with endoscopic balloon placement in the stomach. The balloon placed in the stomach is inflated with a special liquid. and the process is completed. The purpose of gastric balloon treatment is to reduce the volume of the stomach and to create a body with less appetite. Thus, the patient does not feel hunger and can easily lose weight.

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Stomach Balloon Cost In Turkey

Stomach balloon cost in Istanbul, stomach balloon cost in Antalya and stomach balloon cost in Izmir are the same prices on average.

Gastric balloon operation only, 2000 euro. The package price is 2300 euros for those who want it. Services included in the package price: 1 day accommodation in a 1st class hotel + breakfast + transfer + pre-operative examination.

Stomach Botox Procedure

It is a suitable procedure for anyone who wants stomach botox. It is not a Obesity treatment procedure. However, it is applied to patients who do not lose weight with healthy nutrition and sports. However, this process has certain criteria.

Patients with a body mass index of 27-35 are in the ideal patient group. Stomach botox is applied without any incision. The patient is anesthetized and botox liquid is injected into the smooth muscles of the stomach by endoscopic methods. Thus, after the gatric treatment, the digestion time of the food entering the stomach is prolonged, the patient stays full for a longer time with less food.

Stomach Botox Cost In Turkey

Stomach botox cost in Istanbul, stomach botox cost in Antalya and stomach botox cost in Izmir are the same prices on average. It is 850 Euros as a campaign only for patients who want to be treated. It is 1100 euro for patients who want it as a package. Package includes: 1 day accommodation in a 1st class hotel + breakfast + transfer + pre-operative examination.


Stomach Sleeve Procedure

Patients who want sleeve gastrectomy surgery must be obese. It is a very serious procedure compared to other stomach operations. And there is no going back. Body Mass Index should be 40 and above. Gastric Sleeve procedure: The stomach tube is performed through several incisions made in the abdomen.

Starting from the mouth of the stomach, a tube is placed in the bidet and the stomach is cut out from the tube-shaped place. approximately 3/4 of the stomach is removed. As the stomach volume decreases, the patient’s appetite and stomach capacity decrease. Thus, the patient loses a lot of weight.
However, it should be noted that this process is irreversible and requires a radical change in the diet.

Stomach Sleeve Cost In Turkey

Stomach Sleeve cost in Istanbul, stomach Sleeve cost in Antalya and stomach Sleeve cost in Izmir are the same prices on average.Only gastric sleeve price is 2500 euro. If you want to get it as a package, it costs 2800 euros. Package includes: 1 day accommodation in a 1st class hotel + breakfast + transfer + pre-operative examination.

Gastric By-pass Operation

This procedure, also called stomach reduction surgery, is the most frequently performed procedure in bariatric surgery. By reducing the stomach volume, it ensures that the patient is full with fewer portions, and at the same time, the absorption of a significant part of the high-calorie foods taken is prevented. Gastric Gastric By-pass By-pass procedure: The part at the beginning of the stomach is separated from the rest, leaving about one cup of volume.

A part of the small intestines is also bypassed and connected to the newly formed small stomach.Thus, the patient not only achieves the feeling of satiety by eating fewer portions, but also allows the patient to lose weight easily since the calories of the foods they eat are not absorbed.

Gastric Sleeve vs Gastric Balloon Differences, Pros and Cons

Gastric Bypass Cost In Turkey

Stomach by-pass cost in Istanbul, stomach by-pass cost in Antalya and stomach by-pass cost in Izmir are the same prices on average.Only gastric by-pass price is 2800 euro. If you want to get it as a package, it costs 3100 euros. Package includes: 1 day accommodation in a 1st class hotel + breakfast + transfer + pre-operative examination.

How Is Body Mass Index Calculated?

First of all, you should measure your weight in kg. You should also measure your height and calculate it in m2. You should divide your weight by the result of your height. It’s that easy. Example: Height :171- KG:120
171×171= 29.241
Result: 41

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