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Didim Gastric Sleeve Prices

What Is Didim Gastric Sleeve ?

Gastric sleeve surgery is a type of weight loss surgery that has been used for many years in bariatric surgery and is frequently preferred. However, you should know that this does not directly lead to weight loss. Having surgery will help you lose weight. You should not expect to have surgery and lose weight without doing anything.

You know that obesity is the most common serious disease of recent years. Therefore, treatment is extremely important. You should know that obesity is a disease that does not only include being overweight, but also contains many health problems along with weight. That’s why it’s important to know your requirements. How does it work? For whom is it suitable? You can learn about the advantages of receiving treatment in Didim

Didim Gastric Sleeve Prices

Who Is Suitable For Gastric Sleeve in Didim?

Gastric sleeve is of course the hope of many morbidly obese patients. However, you should know that the criteria for Didim gastric Sleeve surgery are the same for every country and hospital. For this reason, patients should have the following standard treatment criteria in order to receive gastric sleeve treatment in Didim;

Although sleeve gastrectomy surgery is a treatment for obesity patients, it is not suitable for every obesity patient. You must be morbidly obese to receive gastric sleeve treatment. This requires your body mass index to be 40 and above. At the same time, your age range must be between 18-65.
If the patient’s body mass index is not 40 or more, the body mass should be at least 35. However, they must have serious diseases related to obesity. (Diabetes, High cholesterol…)

Patients with these criteria can receive treatment. However, he should still consult a surgeon and get information about body health. Good general body health of the patients is one of the necessary conditions for treatment. Patients with serious heart problems are also not suitable for treatment.

How Is Didim Gastric Sleeve Treatment Performed?

Gastric Sleeve of course includes standard procedures. Not only in Didim gastric sleeve surgery, but also in the world, gastric sleeve surgery includes the same techniques and the same procedure. For this reason, patients are treated with the same procedure in Didim gastric sleeve treatments;
Gastric Sleeve can be made with 2 different methods. These consist of two different techniques as laparoscopic and open surgery;

Open surgery; Open surgery involves making a large incision in the patient’s abdomen and inserting a tube into the stomach and reducing the stomach in accordance with this tube. This technique is often not preferred. Because open surgery in gastric sleeve treatment may cause a delayed and painful process.

Laparoscopic surgery (closed); Gastric Sleeve treatment with closed surgery involves the operation to be performed on the stomach of the patient without the need for a large incision. In this case, of course, 5 small incisions are made on the patient’s abdomen and the treatment continues with the tube placed in the patient’s stomach through these 5 small incisions. Since there is no need for a large incision during the procedure, the patient naturally undergoes a much faster and painless treatment.

The other thing you need to know is that although the laparoscopic method is the first choice, in some cases, excessive fatty liver requires open surgery. In this case, if there is something that can be done, the patient enters the diet before the Gastric sleeve.

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How Is Gastric Sleeve in Didim Weakened?

There are 3 different ways for the patient to lose weight with sleeve gastrectomy surgery. These;

The Gastric Sleeve involves the reduction of the patient’s stomach. For this reason, patients’ eating capacity decreases and they experience fullness for a long time with fewer portions. In this case, of course, dieting becomes easier.

The ghrelin hormone in the patient’s stomach reduces the patient’s feeling of hunger. This hormone, which can be secreted in the body, large intestine and stomach, makes us hungry. In this case, when the tissue that secretes the ghrelin hormone in our stomach is removed, the patient’s appetite is greatly reduced.
Finally, the measurement does not provide weight gain. Instead, make your diet easy. In this case, it will be easy to gain weight while continuing the training.

Does Didim Gastric Sleeve Work?

It is an operation that involves the removal of 80% of the gastric sleeve. This limits patients’ ability to eat. However, it is also excreted in the part that secretes the hunger hormone, which is largely removed. This reduces the feeling of hunger of the patients.

In short, patients also feel less hunger, which suppresses their appetite. However, since the storage capacity of the foods he eats decreases, he loses weight easily if he is fed healthy and in accordance with the diet.

However, it should be noted that these operations do not allow the patient to lose weight directly. Patients should take due care and adhere to their diet. Thus, they can reach their ideal weight

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How Much Weight Can I Lose With Gastric Sleeve?

The gastric sleeve is, of course, a frequently preferred weight loss surgery. For this reason, how much weight loss patients will experience is one of the most curious questions. However, you should know that even if the weight loss capacity of gastric sleeve treatment is 70% or more of the patient’s body weight, the diet of the patients and the sports activities of the patients will significantly affect the weight loss. In this case too, of course, the results of the patient’s treatment will depend on the patient.

For this reason, of course, like any surgery, Didim gastric sleeve surgeries do not guarantee weight loss. This will vary depending on your diet after surgery.

Are Didim Gastric Sleeve Treatments Covered By Insurance?

Gastric Sleeve treatments are of course covered by insurance, as in many countries. However, there is a situation that patients must first prove that they need it in order to receive gastric sleeve treatment. Of course, patients who are approved for gastric sleeve insurance in their own country can pay less for Didim gastric sleeve treatment. Conditions for getting a gastric sleeve covered by insurance often include:

It should be proven that the patients are trying to lose weight for 2 years. (Documents such as gym entrance and exit, dietitian reports and doctor’s records are required for this.)

In order for patients to receive gastric sleeve treatment, they must have particularly serious health problems. In such cases, the insurance keeps the evaluation process less. Finally, patients may wait years for surgery after evaluation. Because many countries have patients waiting in line for gastric leeve treatment.
With Didim gastric sleeve treatment, patients can get gastric sleeve at very cheap prices. Because gastric sleeve treatments in Turkey are very cheap. This, of course, ensures that the cost of Didim gastric sleeve treatments is also cheap. Patients can also get cheap gastric sleeve treatment in their own country.

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Gastric Sleeve Prices in Didim

Turkey Gastric Sleeve prices are of course a situation that patients should evaluate. For this reason, it is quite natural for patients to search for prices for gastric sleeve treatment. Prices are often variable. We are assertive for Didim gastric sleeve prices as the best gastric sleeve prices in Didim. Because the special prices we have at contracted hospitals are communicated to our patients without commission. You can also call us for detailed information about these prices.

Didim Gastric Sleeve Package Prices

Turkey Gastric Sleeve Packages have very advantageous prices. Patients can get extremely cheap treatments with gastric Sleeve package prices in Turkey and not spend extra money for hotel accommodation. In addition, with VIP transfers, transportation may not be a problem.

For this, Didim Gastric Sleeve Prices are 3.200€. Gastric Sleeve Didim package services include 3 nights of hospitalization, 2 nights of hotel accommodation and VIP transportation services. You can also contact us to take advantage of these advantages.

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