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Brazilian Butt Lift Prices in the USA: How Much Does it Cost to Get a Bbl in the USA vs Turkey?

Is the USA an Affordable Country for a BBL Procedure?

The Brazilian buttock lift is a procedure that gives patients a more defined buttock and a smaller waist. The Brazilian buttock lift involves taking excess fat from various parts of the body, including the belly, waist, and back, and transferring it to the buttocks.

It’s a technique that improves a patient’s bum’s form, size, and look. BBL surgery, also known as Brazilian Butt Lift in Turkey, is a technique that uses pulled fat from other parts of the body to increase volume, restore young appearance, and lift the buttocks. The BBL surgery can help to improve the appearance of drooping buttocks and give the bum a more round contour.

Who Is a Good Candidate for a Brazilian Buttlift?

BBL surgery is for people who want to improve and reshape their buttocks and achieve an hourglass body shape without the use of implants. The Brazilian buttock lift creates curved, prominent body lines as well as a voluminous buttock. Because no foreign chemicals other than your own body fat are utilized to increase volume in Brazilian butt-lift surgery, the results are very natural and the danger of complications is relatively minimal.

The best method to determine if you are a good candidate for Brazilian buttlift surgery is to get professional advice; Cure Booking provides extensive and accessible online consultations to international patients. 

During these discussions, our medical advisors and plastic surgeons will examine your medical state in light of the vital health check information and develop a BBL surgery treatment plan that is appropriate for your specific situation.

Most people considering cosmetic surgery to improve their form and obtain a bigger, rounder, sexier derriere are concerned about the cost of butt surgery. A butt augmentation, in contrast to other plastic surgery operations, is the most surgeon-dependent. Of course, you must seek out expert plastic surgeons with impeccable qualifications and extensive experience in the particular cosmetic surgery treatment in order to achieve the best possible results.

The cost of a Brazilian buttlift in Turkey

Brazilian Butt Lift Turkey’s treatment costs are among the most inclusive and reasonable in the world, ensuring treatment seekers a comfortable and well-organized journey. The cost of BBL in Cure Booking includes all medical charges and amenities that patients may require during the journey; you will be accompanied by one of Cure Booking’s professional assistants at every step of the BBL adventure. The average price of brazilian butt lift in Turkey is $4650, the minimum price is $2500, and the maximum price is $8000.

Cost of BBL in the United States in 2021

The majority of butt lifts cost in the USA between $4000 and $12,000, with an average of $8,000. These, however, differ depending on the surgeon, the procedure’s intricacy, and the locale. Let’s look at the regions of the United States to get a better picture. (Note that these are the average prices.)

New York Brazilian Butt Lift: $7,000

Los Angeles Brazilian Butt Lift: $8,500

Chicago Brazilian Butt Lift: $7,300

Houston Brazilian Butt Lift: $8,800

Las Vegas Brazilian Butt Lift: $8,300

Washington Brazilian Butt Lift: $7,300

Factors that Affect the Costs of Brazilian Butt Lift in the USA and Turkey?

As you can see, the average bbl price varies greatly, and the average costs vary among them. Because of a number of factors that determine the cost, which are described below, the cost of a Butt augmentation in the USA or Turkey varies from one location to another.

Brazilian Butt Lift Prices in the USA: How Much Does it Cost to Get a Bbl in the USA vs Turkey?
Factors that Affect the Costs of Brazilian Butt Lift in the USA and Turkey?

1. The Practice’s Location for Brazilian Butt Lift

The cost of living varies greatly depending on where you live. Cosmetic surgery costs are generally higher in areas of the country where the cost of living is high. Because of the higher cost of living index, a clinic in Los Angeles will charge more for a buttocks lift than a practice in San Francisco, which affects all kinds of services and goods in that area, including plastic surgery services and related prices. Similarly, a butt augmentation in Turkey will cost less than in Paris (from $2,400 to $7,300, respectively), whereas a patient opting for a butt lift in Switzerland will have to pay at least $6,600 for the liposuction alone.

2. Fee of the Plastic Surgeon for BBL in the USA and Turkey

More experienced and professional surgeons in the USA may charge you more. This price may not be an affordable option in your country. However, you can easily get a brazilian butt lift in Turkey by the best surgeons. They are the most experienced in their field and they performed the procedure a lot. These surgeons are chosen by Cure Booking based on the expertise, experience, success rates and satisfaction level of patients. When you hear about cheap brazilian butt lift abroad, it does not mean low quality at all. There will be low quality places or inexperienced surgeons anywhere in the world, but Cure Booking makes sure that you will get the best outcomes of your medical travel.

3. Anaesthesia Costs in the USA and Turkey for BBL

A Brazilian butt lift in the USA vs Turkey can be done under IV sedation or general anaesthetic, depending on the circumstances. Because this is such an important part of the operation, the cost of an expert anaesthesiologist and their team should be factored in. An experienced and well-trained anaesthetic team is critical for a practice’s success.

Anaesthesia costs in the United States can range from roughly $500 for local anaesthesia provided in an office setting to more than $3,500 for general anaesthesia administered in a hospital operating room by a certified registered nurse anaesthetist or an anesthesiologist. 

However in Turkey, you will not have to pay anything extra because you will get a full package of brazilian butt lift with no hidden costs.

4. Cost of the Operation Room in the USA and Turkey for BBL

When considering a BBL in the United States, the restrictions vary by state, imposing various fees on the surgical center that must be passed on to consumers. However, in densely populated locations with a large number of plastic doctors and surgical facilities in close proximity, operating room rates do not differ significantly. As a result, if the majority of local operating rooms charge $500/hour and a surgeon charges half that, it should raise suspicions that something isn’t being done at the facility, which could jeopardize the procedure’s safety.

However in Turkey, as we said, there will be no extra costs for the operation room as well.

5. The Case’s Complexity for BBL in the USA vs Turkey

The more complicated the procedure, the longer it will take and thus the higher the cost. If a patient asks for a 6-inch increase in their measurement, for example, they can expect a longer and more complex treatment. In this instance, a combination of techniques may be required to get the desired result. Combining liposuction and autologous fat transfer could be one of them. In most situations, the cost of a Brazilian buttlift is roughly $10,000 in the United States and $8,500 in Canada.

Complexity of the case may also be a determining factor for a brazilian lift in the Usa and Turkey, but even if the case is complex in Turkey, the price will not go up like in the USA. 

Contact us to get a full package of brazilian butt lift in Turkey at the most affordable prices done by the best surgeons in Turkey.