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What Is A Gastric Sleeve And How Much Does It Cost In Albania

What Is A Gastric Sleeve?

The patient is given general anesthesia for this procedure. During the procedure, the surgeon uses specialized tools to enter the patient’s belly by 4-5 incisions, the longest of which is 1.3 cm long. A laparoscopic procedure is used to execute gastric sleeve surgery, which involves removing 80% of the stomach. This technique’s main benefit is that no significant incisions are made in the stomach, resulting in reduced postoperative discomfort. With stomach tubes, the survival rate is 99.7%. The amount of weight loss experienced before and immediately following surgery is one of the factors that should not be overlooked. Another target of the circumstance is to keep the person from reverting to old behaviors and to avoid weight gain. The gastric sleeve will shield the patient from several obesity-related illnesses in the future.

What Is Obesity Surgery?

Currently, there are 5 types of obesity surgery that are generally applied worldwide. To summarize how these procedures will affect patients;

Gastric Sleeve Surgery – Feels less hungry and more satiated with less food.

Gastric Bypass – Food feels more full and less mineral is absorbed when eaten.

Duodenal Switch – Feels less hungry, more full with less food, and fewer calories and minerals are digested.

Gastric Band – Food feels more full when eaten.

Gastric Balloon – It feels more full when eating, but the balloon has to be removed after 6 months.

Patients generally begin to lose weight fast after all these procedures. However, semi-surgical methods such as gastric bands and gastric balloons cause an average of 20% less weight loss at the end of the 6th month compared to other surgeries, and weight gain is more common after weight loss. Gastric bypass surgery and gastric sleeve surgery improve many chronic diseases such as diabetes, blood pressure, and obesity. for these surgeries to be performed, the patient must have tried and failed most diet and exercise methods under the control of a dietician. The final decision in obesity surgeries should be made with the patient after a detailed examination of the doctor/surgeon.

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Who Is Suitable For Gastric Sleeves?

Despite being a weight-loss treatment, gastric sleeve requires a patient to be extremely obese. Patients shouldn’t have gastric sleeve surgery unless they satisfy particular requirements because the procedure entails reducing the stomach. The following factors are listed in order of importance:

Patients need to have at least 40 BMI. They won’t be appropriate for operation if that happens. The age range for patients is between 18 and 65.

If the patient’s body mass index is less than 40, they should have a BMI of at least 35 and obesity-related illnesses such as sleep apnea or type 2 diabetes. All of these will make it possible for patients to undergo therapy. Although almost all patients who fulfill these criteria are eligible for bariatric surgery, you should avoid visiting a doctor if you want a certain outcome. Additionally, you should conduct the required analyses to ensure clear outcomes. You can determine if you are a candidate for surgery in this way.

In Which Country Should I Get A Gastric Sleeve?

We are a leader in the health tourism industry because of our expertise and relationships with the top medical facilities and specialists. We assist patients in finding the finest tube gastric surgery without a worry in Turkey and overseas, as well as in Albania. For patients undergoing treatment in Albania, we arrange for excellent lodging, care, and travel. We would love to assist patients in locating the best and most inexpensive solution to their issues, whether it be through thoracic surgery, cardiac surgery, bariatric surgery, cancer treatment, organ transplantation, stem cell therapy, or anything else.

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Which Country Is Best For Cheap And High-Quality Gastric Sleeves?

Although insurance frequently pays for gastric sleeve surgery, if you want to have the procedure and let the insurer know, they will ask you to meet a lot of requirements. This is frequently stuffed with paperwork requesting evidence that you are unable to reduce weight through normal exercise and food. Additionally, you must have a high BMI and need of weight loss surgery owing to significant medical issues. Naturally, this also applies to patients who travel abroad to avoid the pricey gastric sleeve procedure. Of these nations, Turkey is unquestionably the greatest.

Patients from various nations prefer to have sleeve gastrectomy surgery in Turkey because of the low cost of gastric sleeve procedures there. In addition, Gastric Sleeve costs are low, which draws people. Gastric Sleeve surgery costs are very low. Another significant factor that lowers the cost of gastric sleeve surgery is the incorporation of charges in the procedure.

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Why Do People Go To Turkey For Gastric Sleeves?

As was already noted, gastric sleeve surgery has a some risks. Of course, patients must have decent treatment because of these concerns. The cost of a gastric sleeve procedure, however, is very high in many nations when not covered by insurance, as was previously mentioned. In this instance, people choose Turkey’s gastric sleeve to have both affordable gastric sleeve surgery and a successful gastric sleeve surgery

Additionally, if you travel to Turkey for gastric sleeve treatment, you may be able to have a relaxing vacation to help you get motivated before the procedure. If you travel to Turkey 1–2 weeks before your gastric sleeve surgery and receive therapy there, you may have improved health similar to that of many other patients. This allows you to recover more quickly.

How Much Is Gastric Sleeve In Turkey?

The cost of a gastric sleeve in Turkey varies greatly. To obtain true pricing, patients should of course get in touch with Turkish weight loss facilities. Otherwise, the costs you pay will be erratic. Because rates for gastric sleeves vary depending on the location where you receive the procedure, the doctor doing it, and the facility where it is performed, even if the average cost of a gastric sleeve in Turkey is rather low.

For this reason, for clear price information, you should get information from a health tourism company like us or you should have a full detailed interview with a private clinic. Otherwise, the prices will be variable. This will of course lead you to think that there are hidden costs.

Gastric Sleeve Prices 2,550 €

Gastric Sleeve Package prices

3,200 € Services included in the package price;

  • 3 days of hospital stay
  • 2 days of accommodation in a 5-star hotel
  • Airport transfers with a guide 
  • Nursing service
  • Medication

Patients usually choose Turkey over other countries for kind of medical treatments. Because the treatments are 70% more affordable and high success rate than in many other nations. Turkey’s cheap cost of living and highly high exchange rate are two factors that raise purchasing power. As a result, patients can be treated for incredibly low costs.

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Advantages Of Gastric Sleeve Surgery

The gastric sleeve procedure has some advantages. It might not be able to record them all. To illustrate:

Obesity also contributes to being overweight and an unfit body. As a result, patients who have gastric sleeve surgery not only lose weight but also have the chance to treat at least 80% of their obesity-related health problems.

Although obese patients are used to being overweight, unfortunately, this is harder to accept than it seems. For this reason, people experience psychological problems as well as self-confidence problems. This leads to depression and other psychological problems. If you lose weight with Gastric Sleeve, all your psychological problems and lack of self-confidence will come to an end.

You are aware that obesity is a health problem that makes pregnancy challenging, if not impossible. Men are more likely than women to have fewer, lower-quality sperm, and decreased sperm volume. Reproduction is impossible under these conditions. It affects ovulation and causes women’s periods to be irregular. This exemplifies the problem of infertility among men and women. Your reproductive health will significantly improve if you use a gastric sleeve to lose weight.

How Is Gastric Sleeve Recovery 

Gastrectomy Sleeve Your rehabilitation process can be made pretty simple in certain ways. Your doctor and the nutritionist assigned to you will likely be in contact with you after the procedure. Naturally, this guarantees that you won’t be by yourself while you heal. The remainder of our content contains comprehensive information regarding your nutrition strategy following gastric sleeve surgery. The following is some advice for recovering from a gastric sleeve:

Gastric Sleeve Prices in Albania

Albanian gastric sleeve prices are highly variable. It is possible to see different prices between obesity centers as well as the price difference between hospitals. Average prices start at €6,800. Instead of getting treatment in Albania, you can get treatment in Turkey as mentioned above. Getting treatment in Turkey, transportation to Turkey and accommodation in Turkey will be 6,800€ more affordable.

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