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Stem Cell Therapy For Type 1 Diabetes

By reading our article about Stem Cell therapy for Type 1 Diabetes, which is one of the most preferred treatments recently, you can have detailed information about the clinics you can receive treatment and their success rates.

What is Type 1 Diabetes?

Diabetes is a type of disease that develops as a result of the pancreas not producing enough insulin for the body or the body’s inability to use the insulin it produces well due to high blood sugar.
Diabetes is a very important disease. The inability of sugar to enter the cells causes blood sugar to rise. Most importantly, it can cause cardiovascular disease, kidney failure, and blindness if left untreated. Type 1 diabetes has nothing to do with lifestyle. It is a disease caused by the immune system attacking its own tissues.While Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) was a deadly disease in ancient times, thanks to the changes in medicine, temporary treatments were found with insulin isolation.

Can Type 1 Diabetes Be Treated?

Yes, it is possible to treat Type 1 diabetes. The first involves the patient taking insulin continuously from the outside. Although it is not a complete cure, it balances the patient’s biological values. It is a method that should be used throughout its life. The second is stem cell therapy. The treatment method found with the development of modern medicine enables diabetes patients to be treated definitively and permanently. The first method of treatment is a method that causes a decrease in living standards and causes a constant dependence on drugs. For this reason, patients choose to obtain treatments by taking stem cell therapy.

Stem Cell Therapy in Type 1 Diabetes

What Is Stem Cell Therapy For Type 1 Diabetes?

Stem Cell Therapy consists of developing and multiplying cells taken from the pancreatic ducts of diabetics in a laboratory environment and injecting them into the pancreas. Thus, the patient’s pancreas heals with new cells and normalizes insulin production. After treatment, the patient’s insulin requirement decreases. At the same time, the cardiovascular system, liver, general health and quality of life of patients improve.

How Does Stem Cell Therapy Work For Type 1 Diabetes?

Stem cells taken from the patient are developed, differentiated and multiplied in the laboratory environment. This means they can be transformed into beta cells. Beta cells are cells that can produce glucose. When these cells are injected into the pancreas of the diabetic individual, glucose production of the patient will be facilitated. It can sometimes be used in the treatment of patients who cannot produce insulin, and sometimes in the treatment of patients who produce insufficient insulin.

Does Type 1 Diabetes Stem Cell Therapy Work?

Yeah. According to research, type 1 diabetes can be treated with stem cell transplantation. Since ancient times, this disease, which was only temporarily treated with external insulin, now has a definitive treatment. In 2017, 21 diabetic patients were included in the study. Patients who received stem cell infusion were able to continue their lives without external insulin for several years.

Results, published in the journal Frontiers in Immunology in 2017, showed that most patients lived without insulin for three and a half years, and one patient did not need to use insulin for eight years.

In Which Countries Can I Get Stem Cell Therapy For Type 1 Diabetes?

It is a fact that this can be done in more than one country. However, necessary research should be done for successful treatments. Receiving treatment in successful laboratories and clinics with adequate equipment is directly proportional to the success rate of treatment. For this reason, Ukraine is the country preferred by many patients for treatment. You can continue reading the article to learn more about the clinics in Ukraine where you can get stem cell therapy.

Stem Cell Therapy For Type 1 Diabetes in Ukraine

You can contact us to get definitive and permanent stem cell treatment in clinics in Ukraine. We ensure that you receive treatment with a high success rate in quality clinics. This way, you avoid losing money and getting treatments with uncertain success in other countries. Stem cell therapy in diabetes is not performed in many clinics. There are some private clinics for this. It is sometimes difficult to find the most experienced and successful among these clinics. However, you can make it easier by contacting us.

Stem Cell Therapy in Type 1 Diabetes

Laboratories Used in Stem Cell Therapy in Ukraine

If there is a point of great importance in stem cell therapy, it is laboratories. For the successful development of cells taken from the pancreatic duct, laboratories with high-quality equipment and state-of-the-art devices are required. Thanks to these laboratories, the success rate of the patient’s treatment is higher. For this reason, the patient should choose a good clinic. Otherwise, it will be inevitable to get a temporary treatment result.

What is the Success Rate of Stem Cell Therapy For Type 1 Diabetes?

This will vary depending on the quality of the clinic where you are being treated. In the first studies, the success rate of the patients was 40%. The patient was able to survive without taking external insulin. However, this was temporary. The patient, who can live without insulin for an average of 3 years, then needed to take insulin from the outside again. These studies concluded in 2017 in this way. With ongoing studies, patients can now live without insulin for a very long time, sometimes even without needing insulin for the rest of their lives. You can find the values of the patients who received treatment in our clinics below.

How is Stem Cell Therapy Done Step by Step?

  • First, the patient is put to sleep or under sedation. Thus, it is prevented from feeling any pain.
  • It then begins by collecting cells from the patient’s pancreatic duct with a thick-tipped syringe.
  • The collected cells are sent to the laboratory.
  • Fat or blood cells taken in the laboratory are separated with stem cells. for this, a solution is mixed with the sample taken with a syringe. The separated stem cells are taken into a tube with the help of a syringe and the stem cells are completely cleaned using a centrifuge device.
  • Thus, 100% stem cells are obtained.
  • The obtained stem cell is reinjected into the patient’s pancreas and the procedure is completed.

Is Stem Cell Therapy A Painful Treatment?

In general, the patient is under general anesthesia or sedation. For this reason, he does not feel any pain during the procedure. After the operation, it is not a painful treatment method as no cuts or stitches are required.

Stem Cell Therapy in Type 1 Diabetes

What should I do to get Stem Cell Therapy For Type 1 Diabetes?

First you will need to contact us. Because there is a cure that is not easy. It is a treatment that should not be done in every country and in every clinic. Therefore, you need to be treated in successful clinics. You should not receive treatment in clinics where you are not sure whether it is a successful clinic or not. Therefore, when you contact us, you can first benefit from our consultancy service. You can ask all your questions about stem cell therapy. Then, you can talk to a specialist doctor and learn the necessary examinations and analyzes. This way you can develop a treatment plan.

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