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What is Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

Gastric Sleeve, also known as sleeve gastrectomy, is a treatment for morbid obesity patients to lose weight. sleeve gastrectomy surgery treats patients with an enlarged stomach due to overeating, having weight problems because it is difficult to reach the feeling of fullness. If you are planning to have sleeve gastrectomy surgery in Malta, you will need to know a lot about the treatment process.

sleeve gastrectomy involves removing 80% of the stomach. Since it is difficult for people with a wider stomach to reach the feeling of fullness, it will be an event to reach fullness faster with smaller portions after the operation. Thus, while the amount of food that the patients can take is limited, the calories they take are restricted after the patients diet after the treatment and the patients start to lose weight.

Who is Suitable for Gastric Sleeve Treatment?

If you are planning to have Gastric sleeve surgery in Malta, you should know if you are eligible for the surgery. As in the rest of the world, the criteria of sleeve gastrectomy surgery are also valid in Malta Gastric sleeve surgeries. For this surgery, the features that the patients should have;

  • Patients should have a body mass index of at least 40. People with a body weight of 40 or more are eligible for surgery.
  • However, the age range of patients should be 18-65.
  • If the body mass index of the patients is not 40, they should be at least 35, and however, they should have serious diseases related to obesity. (sleep apnea, high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes)

If patients meet these criteria, they should contact the surgeons performing Gastric sleeve surgery in Malta and get some tests. These tests are also done to decide for the last time whether the patient is suitable for surgery. However, tests often show the suitability of surgery. People with the above criteria can easily undergo surgery.

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How Does Gastric Sleeve Surgery Work?

Sleeve gastrectomy allows you to lose weight in 3 different ways;

  1. The first thing that makes you lose weight is the shrinkage of your stomach. If you get Gastric Sleeve surgery in Malta, 80% of your stomach will be removed. This will allow you to feel full with less food than normal or even a normal person.
  2. An area that makes you feel hungry in the removed part of the stomach is also surgically removed. Thus, your feeling of hunger will decrease. Even if your stomach is completely empty, it won’t bother you too much.
  3. Along with all these, you will also receive support from a dietitian. You will be fed in the best way with calorie restriction. This is the part that will make you lose weight. You will lose weight very well in a short time by eating healthy and low calorie.

Gastric Sleeve Complications and Risks

Sleeve gastrectomy surgeries involve making permanent changes in the stomach. Therefore, the general health status of patients is important. Whether the surgery is suitable for the patient should be investigated in detail. However, if you are planning a Sleeve gastrectomy surgery get in Malta, you will need to do research on gastric sleeve Malta prices and successful surgeons in Gastric sleeve surgery.

Because, although Gastric sleeve surgeries are mostly risk-free and easy-to-do surgeries, in some cases, patients may experience very serious risks. For this reason, the surgeon from whom you will have gastric sleeve surgery Malta is important. Otherwise, the risks that may be experienced include;

  • Excessive bleeding
  • Infection
  • Adverse reactions to anesthesia
  • Blood clots
  • Lung or breathing problems
  • Leaks from the cut edge of the stomach
  • Gastrointestinal obstruction
  • Hernias
  • Reflux
  • Low blood sugar
  • Malnutrition
  • Vomiting
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How Much Weight Will I Lose After the Sleeve Gastrectomy ?

One of the most frequently asked questions by patients before Gastric Sleeve surgery is how much weight they will lose as a result of the treatments. Unfortunately, it would not be correct to give a clear answer for this. Because the results of the treatment are often the responsibility of the patient. As a result of a successful operation, if the patients pay attention to their diet and do sports, they get very good results.

However, if patients eat excessive fat and sugar after the treatment, and stay sedentary at the same time, unfortunately, a successful result should not be expected. To give an average response, however, patients can lose, on average, 55% or more of their body weight after receiving Gastric sleeve surgery in Malta.

Nutrition After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

You will definitely be given a diet list after gastric sleeve surgery in Malta. This list is very important so that you can get used to the new state of your stomach without difficulty. If you are going to have gastric sleeve surgery in Malta, the diet list that will be given to you after the surgery will likely include a gradual transition to solid foods. In short, you will be able to consume liquid first after Sleeve gastrectomy surgery. Liquid foods will include clear liquids such as milk, water, chicken broth. It is important that there are no solid particles in these liquids.

On the other hand, once your stomach starts digesting liquids easily, you will switch to purees. Again, it will be possible to eat purees that do not contain grains and solids. These purees should include boiled and pureed fruits and vegetables. However, you can also feed on yogurt and soups. This feeding phase will last up to 2 weeks. You will then gradually switch to solid consumption.

However, this solid consumption should not include white bread, chocolate or products that are harmful and difficult to digest. During the transition to solid, you should be in contact with your dietitian and exchange views on the foods you can take.
On the other hand, do not hesitate to get support from your dietitian at every opportunity until you get used to your nutrition routine. This is important for a faster and more comfortable healing process.

Malta Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Malta is a very successful country in the field of health. In fact, it has been announced that the World Health Organization has the 5th successful health system among countries with highly successful health systems such as England and the USA in 2000 in the world health systems ranking. Many specialist doctors both give very successful treatments and provide treatment without waiting. If you are planning to have Sleeve gastrectomy treatment in Malta, you should also know that the success rate of the treatments will be quite good.

Unfortunately, there is a downside to this, gastric sleeve surgery prices are quite high in Malta. For this reason, patients prefer countries that provide treatment at a more affordable price, although successful treatments are guaranteed. Like many other hats, you can choose these countries and receive successful treatments. Patients who plan to have Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Malta often prefer Turkey for their treatment. You, too, can have a great advantage by getting Gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey. You can continue reading our content to find out how much you will save.

Best Hospitals for Gastric Sleeve in Malta

If you are planning to have Gastric Sleeve surgery in Malta, of course you plan to get treatment in the best hospital. This treatment is important for a higher success rate. However, there are of course very successful hospitals in Malta. You don’t need to do a lot of research for this reason. Most of the hospitals in Malta provide very successful treatments and the hospitals are well equipped.

Therefore, if you are planning to have Gastric sleeve surgery in Malta, you will not have a hard time finding the best hospital. To give a examples, the best hospital in Malta; St James Hospital You can also receive bariatric surgery treatment in this hospital. But although you will get successful treatments like many hospitals, if you take Gastric sleeve price in Malta, you will find that there are unattainable prices.

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Malta Gastric Sleeve Surgery Price

Gastric sleeve prices in Malta are quite high. In general, it is a country with a high cost of living. However, unfortunately, the price of Gastric sleeve surgery in Malta is quite high. Although there are many countries where you can get successful treatments, it would not be right to get Gastric sleeve treatment by paying such high prices in Malta. If you also want to receive successful Sleeve gastrectomy treatment and at the same time receive appropriate treatments, you may prefer Turkey for treatments. Gastric sleeve price is quite affordable in Turkey. Even if you are determined to get Gastric sleeve treatment in Malta, you will need to consider at least €15,000.

Gastric Sleeve Price in Turkey

Turkey is a country where patients from all over the world come. The health system in Turkey has developed at the highest level. It is a country that provides treatments under high quality and hygiene standards. For this reason, it is a country that is frequently preferred not only for gastric sleeve treatments, but also for many treatments. At the same time, Gastric sleeve treatment prices in Turkey are extremely affordable. It is almost possible to get Gastric sleeve in Turkey with a quarter of the asking price for Gastric sleeve price in Malta. You can also contact with us to get Gastric sleeve treatment in Turkey.