Dental Treatment Guide

Dental Treatment Guide

Hello. I am the online assistant who will create your dental treatment plan. First I should ask if you have X-ray images. Please send us the x-ray images, if any. If you do not have an X-ray, please send us the picture of your teeth as shown below.

Explain how you plan your treatment. Do you want to get treatment for therapeutic or aesthetic purposes?

If you have a target arrival date, please specify.

Dis Ornek

If you have one or more of the following, please specify in your message.

1- Do You Have Biting Problems?

2- Do You Have Chewing Problems?

3- Do You Have Missing Tooth? If Yes How many years?

4- Are You Suffering From Toothache?

5-Do You Have Bone Resorption Problem?

6- Do you have diabetes?