Dental Implant Cost in Amsterdam: How Much Does Dental Implants Cost in the Netherlands?

Can I Find Affordable Teeth Implants in Amsterdam?

In Amsterdam, dental insurance is a private business; there are no government-run practices. To protect public protection and trust, the government regulates the premiums that practices are permitted to charge.

The Netherlands Healthcare Authority (NZa) keeps a close eye on dental care practices in the country. For example, they hold daily check-up weeks in collaboration with the IGZ to ensure that dental practitioners are not charging excessive fees and are adhering to hygiene regulations.

But, how much do you afford to pay for dental insurance in Dutch? The NZa publishes the maximum costs that dentists can charge patients for various services per year. You can find affordable teeth implants in the Netherlands, but you should note that these prices will be much higher than in Turkey. We will show you an example of teeth implants cost in Amsterdam at the end of this article.

Dental Implants: The method of Treatment in Amsterdam

The below is a quick rundown of the measures involved in implant placement:

  • Your wellbeing will be assessed and you will get a consultation.
  • A CBCT scan is used to make a diagnosis.
  • The implant(s) is implanted
  • The healing period begins after the stitches are removed and the condition is assessed after 7-10 days.
  • A crown, prosthesis, or bridge is placed after 8-12 weeks.

How is Dental care in Amsterdam, Netherlands?

Dentistry in Amsterdam includes dental procedures such as treatment, prevention, and diagnosis, as well as cosmetic dentistry, dental abnormalities, and dental diseases that affect the gums, teeth, and maxillofacial region.

In the Netherlands, dental implants are used to replace missing or broken teeth. Dental implants are small metal plates or posts that are surgically implanted into the jawbone by a dentist in Amsterdam.

Dental implants in the Netherlands are used for a variety of reasons.

1. In the Netherlands, a dental implant was placed following an accident.

2. Dental implant due to lost teeth as a result of gum disease or other dental disease in the Netherlands.

3. Teeth implants are used to replace missing teeth.

In comparison to dentures, dental bridges, and dental crowns, dental implants are thought to be a more effective long-term alternative in the Netherlands.

The aim of a complete dental implant operation in Amsterdam is to mimic the natural configuration of the tooth, including the roots and crown. In the Netherlands, dental implants are normally done in three stages. The implant, which is a small metallic screw mounted on the jawline and fused to the cells in the bone, is the first step. The second phase is abutment. The abutment is the piece that attaches the implant to the new teeth.

And the crown is the third step. In the Netherlands, a crown is the clear portion of a tooth that is made of porcelain or bronze. Porcelain is the most common material in the Netherlands because it closely resembles the appearance of real teeth.

Can I Find Affordable Teeth Implants in Amsterdam?

Dental Implants for Full Mouth in the Netherlands, Amsterdam

Patients  who have lost all of their teeth may consider full mouth implants in Holland, which are permanently fixed and favoured by the majority of patients.

All-on-4 full mouth  in Amsterdam requires fewer implants than other procedures since a single implant root is large enough to support multiple teeth if installed properly by an experienced dentist in the Netherlands.

All-on-4 implants support patients by inserting four implants in their lower jaw with a complete collection of teeth.

There will be no package price in the Netherlands, like it is in Turkey. One example of tooth implants cost in Amsterdam will be shown in the table. You will see that all procedure steps will cost you separately.

Make and review jaw overview X-ray€ 64,54
Initial implantology research€ 59,72
Extended implantology research€ 91,87
Placing first implant per jaw€ 209,92
Material costs implant and parts€ 210,00
Overhead costs implants€ 166,12
Placement base implant crown€ 22,97
Crown€ 236,66
Dental technique costs crown€ 500,00
Make and review small X-ray€ 45,18
Total: € 1.606,98

You can see that the price of a single implant in Amsterdam is very expensive compared to the prices in Turkey. You can get one tooth implant with a price of only € 600 in Turkey which includes everything you need. So, you can contact us to get the most affordable dental implants abroad with so many advantages and special discounts for you.