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How Much is Getting Teeth Whitened Cost in Istanbul, Turkey?

What is the Price for Teeth Whitening in Turkey?

Many dental clinics in Istanbul, Turkey, provide international customers with Teeth Whitening packages that include transportation from the airport to the hotel and clinic, translators (if necessary), consultation, second opinion diagnostic, and case manager assistance.

If you need cheap teeth whitening abroad then Istanbul, Turkey would be a great option that you may want to consider. Prices for teeth whitening in Istanbul is around $350, but the final cost depends on the complexity of the procedure, the clinic, location of the clinic and doctor that you choose, the material, equipment needed, expertise of the dentist and the duration of the treatment. 

Who Can Get a Teeth Whitening in Turkey?

Anyone suffering from one or more of the following conditions should consider dental bleaching:

Teeth staining on a broad scale

Teeth discolouration as a result of aging

Staining with tetracycline

Fluorosis (mild)

Tobacco consumption causes teeth discoloration.

Who Cannot Get a Teeth Whitening in Turkey?

Teeth whitening procedure in Turkey is not indicated for patients with gingivitis or those who have gum disease. Prior to undergoing dental bleaching, patients with significant cavities or who require considerable dental repair should undergo these procedures.

Alcoholics and heavy smokers should avoid the operation since the hydrogen peroxide might harm the enamel of the teeth when paired with heavy smoking and alcohol consumption.

Patients who chose different dental procedures such as bridges, veneers, or crowns may need to have them replaced after the tooth bleaching operation is completed, in order to ensure that all teeth have the same appearance and translucency.

How Teeth Whitening in Turkey is Performed?

Teeth whitening in Turkey is a basic cosmetic dentistry technique that can improve the appearance of stained teeth. The operation is simple and safe, with just little hazards associated.

The dentist will first apply a special solution to the patient’s gums, which will act as a chemical barrier to protect the gums during the teeth whitening operation.

The whitening solution will next be applied to the teeth by the teeth whitening dentist – this is a bleach-based solution that is particularly intended for dental procedures and dental repair.

After applying the whitening solution, the teeth whitening dentist will activate it using a mix of light and heat, successfully eradicating any stains from the teeth’s enamel. After this stage of the operation is completed, the area is cleansed and the technique is repeated twice more. The teeth whitening dentist will remove the barrier placed on the gums once the desired effect has been obtained, and the patient will be able to return home.

Teeth that have had root canal treatment may benefit from having the teeth whitening solution injected deep into the roots for a better effect.

Teeth Whitening in Turkey Before and After

Following the operation, most people report feeling more confident and at ease in social situations. It’s crucial to remember that teeth whitening or dental bleaching isn’t a long-term solution. In order to sustain the outcomes, patients will be required to avoid particular drinks or foods following the therapy. Some people choose to have a second teeth whitening surgery ten to twelve months after the initial one.

Patients who drink a lot of staining beverages like soda or coffee may need another operation in a few months. Smoking is one of the most significant causes of tooth darkening, as the tar in cigarettes adheres to the enamel of the teeth. This tar is what darkens the teeth, and brushing won’t get rid of it. As a result, patients will need to change their lifestyles in order to keep their new smile for longer.

How Much is Laser Teeth Whitening in Turkey for Upper and Lower Jaw?

The average price of tooth whitening in Turkey is $290. Our trusted dental clinics will charge you 250£ for upper and lower jaw laser teeth whitening in Turkey. You will also get a 5 years of guarantee on all dental treatments you get which is a big advantage that you cannot miss.

In addition to laser teeth whitening, you can also get a home whitening kit as well. The price for a home whitening kit in Turkey is only £150. For this type of treatment, The dentist will require two visits. Impressions are taken on your initial appointment and sent to the laboratory, where trays that fit over your teeth are created.

You’ll pick up the trays and bleaching gel on your second visit. How to use them will be demonstrated by your dentist. In a nutshell, a small amount of gel is pushed along the length of both trays before they are fitted over your teeth. Most patients receive a two-week supply of the gel, which they use every night for two weeks, or until they are satisfied with the whitening results. More gel is available from your local dentist.

How Much is Laser Teeth Whitening in Turkey for Upper and Lower Jaw?

Is it worth getting teeth whitening in Turkey?

It’s a simple and cost-effective answer to an issue that many patients have. It all depends on how much the color of your teeth disturbs you. Consider getting veneers or crowns in Turkey if you want your teeth to be dazzling white. The procedure has a distinctive effect on each patient’s teeth. Some individuals get a two-shade improvement, while others see a four- or five-shade improvement. We can tell you exactly how your teeth will look if you get veneers or crowns. With teeth whitening, this is not the case.

Is teeth whitening dangerous or unhealthy?

The procedure is not damaging to the teeth when used correctly. The bleaching gel must be kept away from the gums and necks. Gum sensitivity might arise after teeth whitening. This is entirely normal, and things will improve quickly. There have been no reports of dental whitening allergies.

FAQs about Teeth Whitening

Is the color of your teeth related to your overall dental health?

No, the color of your teeth has no bearing on your dental health. It varies from person to person, just like hair and skin color. Some people have a darker set of teeth, while others have a brighter set. That’s quite typical.

What can I do if my teeth are discolored?

Food is a common cause of tooth discoloration. Tea, coffee, red wine, and nicotine should all be avoided. A teeth whitening procedure can be used to correct such discolouration naturally.

Can I receive teeth whitening if I have large dental fillings, crowns, or veneers in my mouth?

Yes, you certainly can! Fiilings and crowns, on the other hand, will not become any whiter. It’s not a problem if they’re in the back of your mouth. Teeth whitening may not be appropriate if you have large fillings or crowns in exposed locations.

My teeth have stains on them. Is it possible to cure this with dental whitening?

No, dental whitening will simply brighten and whiten your teeth. If you have stains as a result of genetics or medication use. To correct this, you should consider obtaining veneers or crowns. Any discoloration on your teeth will remain the same after dental whitening.

What should you do once you’ve had your teeth whitened?

You can keep brushing your teeth in the same manner. Please avoid eating the foods listed below for the first 48 hours. Tea, coffee, sodas, cigarette, red wine, chocolate, tomato paste, ketchup, cherry, pomegranate, blackberries, cranberries and herbs.

Acidic and cold drinks, as well as hot food, can make you more sensitive. It’s typical to experience some sensitivity after the procedure. It disappears within a day. To keep your teeth white, keep up with your regular oral hygiene routine.