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Successful Liver Cancer Treatment – Stage 4 Liver Cancer

Liver cancer is a common type of cancer. This is very important in the treatment of cancers. For this reason, people seek different countries for successful treatments. In this content, we give detailed information about cancer treatments in Turkey, which is the most preferred country for cancer treatments. You can read the content for detailed information about the advantages of receiving cancer treatment in Turkey.

What is Liver Cancer?

Liver cancer is abnormal cell changes that begin in the liver. The liver is the organ that allows us to digest food or remove toxins. Cancer in this organ is extremely dangerous. Therefore, their treatment should be done with care. The earlier the cancer is detected, the easier it is to treat. Therefore, routine screening should be done and cancer should be protected. On the other hand, there are symptoms of Liver Cancer.

Although these symptoms are not taken seriously, they usually need attention. You can read our content for detailed information about liver cancer symptoms and treatments. So you can benefit from early detection or choose the best treatment for your current cancer.

Remember that choosing other countries for cancer treatments will save your life. For this reason, you should read the details about the countries that have been successful in cancer treatment in our content. Thus, you will learn what you need to pay attention to when choosing a country.

Liver Cancer Symptoms

Liver cancer may not cause any symptoms in some cases. Or the symptoms may escape the attention of patients. For this reason, it is necessary to be more careful. Symptoms of liver cancer include:

  • Yellowing of your skin or eyes.
  • Itchy Skin
  • Darker urine and stools
  • Weight loss without diet
  • feeling exhausted
  • not feeling well
  • feeling like the flu
  • Swelling in the upper right side of your abdomen
  • Pain in the upper right side of your abdomen or right shoulder
  • Quick satiation while eating
  • Swelling not related to eating
liver cancer

Liver Cancer Causes

Liver cancer is a condition that can happen to anyone. However, of course, living an unhealthy life increases these risks. On the other hand, in most people with liver cancer, the cause of the cancer is not clear. For this reason, things that cause cancer cannot be specified. However, there are of course risk factors. You can find the risk factors in a list below. People with these risk factors have a higher risk of developing liver cancer than others. It is very important for these people to have routine tests. Thus, early diagnosis can be made. Or it can be treated at the onset of cancer.

Liver Cancer Risk Factors

Liver cancer is a type of cancer that can be seen in all ages and genders. It is often unclear what causes liver cancer. However, people who still have a high risk of developing liver cancer;

  • People aged 60 years and older
  • In hepatitis patients
  • in patients with liver cirrhosis
  • in people with gallstones
  • in diabetes patients
  • in people with liver parasites
  • In people with liver cancer in close family members

Liver Cancer Stages

  • Stage I: If the vessel is located in a single region of any size and has not spread to the vessels or lymph nodes, it means that it is the first stage.
  • Stage II: If there is a single tumor of any size that has spread to the vessels, or if there is more than one tumor 5 cm or smaller, but the cancer has not spread to nearby lymph nodes or distant sites.
  • Stage IIIA: If there is more than one tumor with at least one tansei greater than 5 cm and the Cancer has not spread to nearby lymph nodes or distant sites.
  • Stage IIIB: You have at least one tumor that has spread to the portal or hepatic vein of the liver, but the Cancer has not spread to nearby lymph nodes or distant sites.
  • Stage IIIC: If the Tumor has spread to organs other than the gallbladder, but the Cancer has not spread to nearby lymph nodes or distant sites.
  • Stage IVA: Tumors in the liver can be of any size or number and may have spread to nearby vessels and organs. It has also spread to the lymph nodes. Cancer is not found in distant regions.
  • Stage IVB: Cancer may have spread to tissues or organs in any part of the body, there are tumors of any size and any number.
liver cancer

Liver Cancer Screening

You can have liver scans for the early diagnosis of these types of cancer, which may not cause any symptoms. Thanks to these scans, it is checked for any problems in the liver. Thus, if any abnormality is found, your life is saved with early treatment. Liver cancer test may include the following;

  • Blood test
  • Ultrasound
  • Computed Tomography
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Liver Cancer Prevention

Liver cancer can be prevented with simple methods such as avoiding other health problems. The liver, as we mentioned earlier, is an organ that serves to digest food and remove toxins. This shows how we can protect ourselves from liver cancer. To prevent the risk of liver cancer;

  • You should exercise regularly
  • You must keep your weight under control
  • You should limit your alcohol consumption
  • you must eat healthy
  • You should avoid hepatitis B and C viruses

Liver Cancer Diagnosis

The requirements for the diagnosis of liver cancer are mentioned above. All the tests that should be done for early diagnosis are used in the diagnosis of liver cancer. Another way to diagnose liver cancer is with a biopsy. During a Liver biopsy, your doctor will insert a needle that goes through your skin into your liver.

Thus, it will receive tissue from the liver. This tissue will be examined in the laboratory, and then the result will be determined. As scary as this sounds, you’ll be under local or general anesthesia. For this reason, you have nothing to worry about.

Can Liver Cancer Be Cured

Treatment of liver cancer is very difficult. The liver has a complex network of blood vessels and bile ducts. This is a major factor that complicates the operation. Liver cancer diagnosed at stage 1 is curable, while cancer that has spread at other stages is difficult to treat. However, it is still not impossible. Therefore, patients should consult successful doctors and be willing to treat.

This means that treatments should not be limited to their home country. It can also be treated in other countries. Thus, the treatment success rate will be higher. Patients often prefer Turkey for treatment. Thanks to its advanced technology, Turkey can offer successful treatments in the field of medicine.

On the other hand, it can cope with the difficulties of treatment more easily thanks to its experienced surgeons. You can also include Turkey among your options for liver cancer treatments. Perhaps all it takes to save your life is to seek new hope. For this, you can learn about being treated in Turkey in our content. This can enable you to make better decisions for treatments.

Liver Cancer Treatment

Liver treatment is possible but difficult. Therefore, there are many treatment options. If we take a look at these options, they are as follows. You can also find detailed information about treatments in the explanations.

Liver Cancer Surgery

Surgery may be a good option in liver cancers. There are 2 options for surgery;
-Partial hepatectomy
-Liver Transplant

Partial Hepatectomy

This method is suitable for people with good liver function, who are healthy enough for surgery, and who have not had a single tumor transformed into blood vessels. This operation involves removing part of the liver. In some cases, even if the patient is prepared for surgery and the surgery is started, the surgery may not be performed due to the situations that could not be seen as a result of the tests. Conditions that prevent the operation from being performed may be as follows;
if The cancer is too large and has spread too far to be removed

According to studies, most patients with liver cancer also have cirrhosis. In a person with severe cirrhosis, even removing a small amount of liver tissue at the edges of the cancer can cause the liver to fail.

Cervical Cancer

Partial Hepatectomy Risks

Bleeding: This risk is the most feared risk in liver surgery. A lot of blood passes through the liver and the probability of bleeding is quite high. Also, the liver normally produces substances that help blood to clot. Liver damage can cause possible bleeding both before and during surgery.
Complications from anesthesia
blood clots
New liver cancer:
Sometimes a new liver cancer can develop later on, as the underlying liver still has the underlying disease causing the cancer.

Liver transplant

Whenever possible, a liver transplant may be the best option for some people with liver cancer. Liver transplantation is a good option if their tumors are too large and spread to be removed, or if they have diseases that cannot tolerate surgery. Liver transplant is for treating patients with small tumors that have not grown into nearby blood vessels. A liver transplant will not only greatly reduce the risk of a second new liver cancer, but will also restore normal functioning of the new liver.

Possible risks and side effects

As mentioned before, the risks that apply to partial hepatectomy are also valid for this technique. For this reason, the doctor who will perform the surgery should be successful and experienced in liver cancer treatments. Otherwise, the risks will be life-threatening;

Infection: People who have had a liver transplant are given immunosuppressant drugs. This is important so that the body does not reject the new organ. These drugs have their own risks and side effects. increases the risk of contracting particularly serious infections.
blood clots
Complications from anesthesia
New liver rejection: This should be checked after liver transplant. For this, blood tests are done. Sometimes liver biopsies can also be used for this. On the other hand, biopsy may be required to learn whether the drug given to prevent rejection should be changed or not.

Ablation for Liver Cancer

Ablation is a procedure used to remove the tumor in cases where surgery cannot be performed. It is less successful than surgery and is suitable for tumors smaller than 3 cm. This treatment can also be done to allow some improvement in my condition rather than to cure the patient. On the other hand, due to the presence of some large vessels in the liver, it should be done very carefully and you should make sure that you receive treatment from a successful surgeon.

This procedure involves inserting a needle through the skin and reaching the liver. Some imaging techniques can be used to make sure the needle is being delivered to the correct area. In some cases, it can also be done with a few incisions under general anesthesia in the operating room. This is at the discretion of the doctor. The doctor’s preference is probably based on the regions where the tumor is located.

Embolization Therapy for Liver Cancer

Embolization is similar to Ablation therapy. It is suitable for people who are not suitable for surgery. In embolization treatment, it is suitable for people whose tumor is larger than 3 cm. This treatment involves blocking the hepatic artery that feeds the cancer. Thus, the tumor cannot receive enough nutrients and its growth stops.

Radiation Therapy for Liver Cancer

The liver is a radiosensitive organ. For this reason, this treatment method should be done very carefully. This depends on the experience and dexterity of the doctor. For this reason, it is very important for the patient to receive treatment from a good doctor in liver treatments. On the other hand, Tereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT) must be available in the country where the patient is being treated.

In this way, healthy liver tissues are not damaged and loss of function is prevented. This therapy needs to be given to the patient over several days at a high focus and high dose. This involves placing the patient in a body frame specifically designed for each treatment to precisely focus the radiation.

Targeted Drug Therapy for Liver Cancer

Liver cancer treatment is quite different from other types of cancer. For this reason, chemotherapy, which is often preferred, is not a good option for this type of cancer. In the treatment of liver cancer, doctors prefer targeted drug therapy more. When these drugs are given to the patient, they go to the smallest places in the body by mixing with the bloodstream and reach the cancer.

There are different types of drugs used in the treatment. These drugs are often taken orally and are used for several weeks. There are also types that require a patient break in drug use. Your doctor will share such prescriptions with you.

Immunotherapy for Liver Cancer

This treatment method can be used in some liver cancers. Together with the drugs given to the patient, it allows the body to fight the muscle cells, and the situations in which these treatment methods can be used vary. For this reason, your doctor will choose the best treatment for you. The use of this drug may include:

  • feeling tired or weak
  • Fire
  • Cough
  • Nausea
  • Itching
  • skin rash
  • Loss of appetite
  • muscle or joint pain
  • constipation or diarrhea


It is the technique in which chemotherapy is used in liver cancer. The cancer in the liver is treated with drugs given to the blood vessels. This is to help slow the cancer down and heal. On the other hand, it is for patients who are not suitable for surgery or whose tumors cannot be removed. However, chemotherapy is not a frequently preferred method in liver cancer.

Metastatic Liver Cancer

Liver cancer does not show any symptoms in its early stages. For this reason, it is probably in an advanced stage when symptoms begin. For this reason, people with risk factors should go to regular checkups. Metastasis of liver cancer often means spreading to bone or distant tissue and organs.

Cancer that spreads to the bone can cause fractures. On the other hand, it is very difficult to treat. For this reason, the chemotherapy technique mentioned above is applied to the patients. This will make the patient feel better and relieve their pain. On the other hand, the survival rate;

The five-year survival rate for a patient whose liver cancer has spread to surrounding tissues, organs, and/or lymph nodes is estimated at 11 percent. The five-year survival rate of a patient whose liver cancer has spread to distant tissues, organs, and/or lymph nodes is estimated at 3 percent.

Liver Cancer Treatment in Turkey

Thanks to advanced medical technology, Turkey is preferred in cancer treatments as well as in every treatment. Cancer in an important organ such as the liver is difficult to treat. The use of technology in this cancer treatment is also very important. In treatments, it is important to provide treatment to the patient’s focal point so that the patient’s healthy tissues are not damaged.

In this country, where frames and computers can be used for this, robotic surgery, which is not available in many countries, can also be used for surgery. This is a very important treatment method in liver cancers. The use of this technology, which enables the surgery to progress more focused and accurately, ensures that the patient can be operated without affecting the vital functions.

On the other hand, the 5-year survival rate in the treatment of early-stage liver cancer in Turkey is over 70%. Thanks to successful treatments, this is quite possible. Of course, this explains why patients prefer Turkey. However, there are other reasons why Turkey is preferred in liver cancer treatments?

Cancer Treatment Center of Turkey

You know how challenging cancer treatments can be. In addition, liver cancers are more difficult to treat. Both the blood vessels in the liver and the fact that it is an organ sensitive to radiation make the treatment risky. Therefore, patient should be treated by a good doctor. This enables the patient to seek treatment. The patient’s desire to be treated in countries other than his own country usually results in Turkey.

Turkey has the same success rate as the world’s best cancer treatment clinics. The technology used in Turkey is compatible with innovative treatments in cancer treatment. This greatly affects the success of the treatment. On the other hand, personalized frames, which are especially important in liver cancer, prevent the patient from being harmed during treatment. This greatly reduces side effects after treatment. To go a little deeper, let’s take a look at the factors that make Turkey successful in liver treatment;

Successful Liver Cancer Treatments

There are some factors that are very important in liver cancer. The presence of these factors in the countries preferred by the patient greatly affects the treatment of liver cancer. These factors are as follows;

  • There Should Be Experienced Oncology Surgeons in the Country
  • Number of Specialist Doctors in the Country Should Be Sufficient
  • The country’s medical technology equipment should be high
  • Economic Cancer Treatments Should Be Provided
  • There should be no waiting times.

Successful Surgeons For Cancer Treatment

In addition to very successful oncology doctors in Turkey, there are also internal medicine surgeons. The fact that the internal medicine surgeons dealing with the liver are successful and experienced in the treatment of liver cancer greatly affects the treatment success rate in Turkey.

Liver surgery or other treatment options are very risky. However, thanks to the hand skills of Turkish doctors, these risks are minimized. As with many diseases, the success rate of a person’s treatment is related to the doctor’s dexterity and experience. Patient who want to be treated for liver cancer in Turkey will have made the right decision to regain their lives.

New Cancer Treatments

Turkey is a country equipped to implement new technologies used in liver cancer. In the treatment of liver cancer, both surgical and drug and radiation treatments require technological equipment. The risk of bleeding in liver surgeries is quite high. In order to minimize this risk and prevent possible risks, the use of robotic surgery is necessary. This is a technological innovation available in Turkey.

You can easily find this technology in Turkey, which is not available in many countries. On the other hand, as we mentioned before, the liver is a radiation sensitive organ. For this reason, highly focused treatments are required during radiotherapy.

This is possible thanks to individual and special frames for each treatment. Receiving such important treatments in Turkey is very successful.

lug cancer

Affordable Cancer Treatments

Although cancer treatments are covered by insurance, this only applies to public hospitals. This does not apply to some specific treatments. On the other hand, since successful treatments are not possible in every country, the patient must be treated in successful countries.

This causes treatments to be costly. However, Turkey makes these treatments very cost effective. Being treated in this country, where cancer patients can meet their non-treatment needs at very affordable prices, will save more than many countries. The fact that it is both very successful and affordable makes it the first choice of patients.

Cancer Treatment Without Waiting

Liver cancer is a cancer that can spread rapidly and unfortunately does not show any symptoms in its early stages. For this reason, it is important that patients start treatment immediately after cancer diagnosis. This necessitates the absence of treatment waiting times.

We have very good news! Cancer patients are not waiting in Turkey! You can start cancer treatment immediately. This is a very important factor for the rapid treatment and progression of cancer.

In many countries, there is a long waiting period. This is more than enough time for patients’ cancer to progress. For this reason, patients may call different countries to get treatment without waiting. This search often results in Turkey. Because there are no patients waiting for treatment in Turkey. This is a big factor that can save your life.

Liver Cancer Survival Rate

Cancer StagesLiver Cancer Survival Rate
Stage 1%70
Stage 2%34
Stage 3%12
Stage 4%3

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