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What Is Leukemia?

Leukemia is cancer of the body’s blood-forming tissues, including the bone marrow and lymphatic system. To examine it closely, Leukemia is the uncontrolled and unhealthy proliferation of white blood cells. White blood cells enable our body to fight infection. Uncontrolled growth in these cells also unfortunately damages healthy white blood cells. This makes it impossible for a person to fight infections. The patient is greatly affected even by the seasonal flu, which everyone experiences, and cannot recover spontaneously. Of course, this is important and definitely requires treatment. In our content, you can find a lot of information about leukemia, and you can benefit from tips about its treatment.

What Are The Symptoms Of Leukemia?

There are many types of leukemia. Some types of leukemia are more common in children, while some types of leukemia occur in adults. Although the symptoms may differ according to the types, they often have common symptoms. At the same time, you should know that Leukemia, like other types of cancer, does not show early symptoms and progresses insidiously. Therefore, it is important to consult a doctor if these symptoms persist. Symptoms of leukemia may include:

  • fever or chills
  • Persistent fatigue, weakness
  • Frequent or severe infections
  • Lose weight without trying
  • Swollen lymph nodes, enlarged liver or spleen
  • Easy bleeding or bruising
  • Recurrent nosebleeds
  • Small red spots (petechiae) on your skin
  • Excessive sweating, especially at night
  • Bone pain or tenderness
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Leukemia Risk Factors

Leukemia is a disease that can affect anyone. Any person can have Leukemia, regardless of age, gender and race. But of course, in some cases, stereotypes have a higher chance of getting leukemia, these include;

  • To smoke
  • exposure to certain chemicals
  • Chemotherapy in the past
  • radiation exposure
  • rare congenital diseases
  • family history

Diagnosis of Leukemia

Leukemia is a disease that does not cause symptoms in its early stages. Therefore, it is difficult to diagnose. However, if the harvest is suspected, Leukemia will be diagnosed by having a complete blood count test. In order to make a clear diagnosis of this diagnosis, a marrow biopsy can be performed. The important thing is that the most important effect in cancer treatment is early diagnosis. Patients, especially if they are a risk factor, should have a check-up every 6 months and make sure that everything is in order. Otherwise, late diagnosis of leukemia will be life-threatening. However, it will also be difficult to treat.

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Can Leukemia Be Treated?

With modern medicine, of course, the treatment of leukemia is now possible. For treatment, it is only important that the patients’ leukemia diagnosis is established early. Apart from this, patients receiving treatment from a good Oncology surgeon will also affect the success rate in the treatment of Leukemia. Although there are many types of leukemia treatment, it is possible to use different types for each type. In addition, keeping the morale high and eating healthy during the leukemia treatment will also affect the success rate of the leukemia treatment.

Survival Rate Of Leukemia Patients

TypeAge rangeSurvival rate
Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML)This type of leukemia is most common in older adults, but it can be diagnosed at any age. Most deaths occur in people ages 65 to 84.Relative survival rate for all ages 5 years after diagnosis is about 29.5%Trusted Source.
Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia (ALL)This type of leukemia is mostly diagnosed in younger peopleTrusted Source under age 20. The median age at diagnosis is 17, but the median age in people who die from this type of leukemia is 58.Survival rates are pretty even across all ages, and the relative survival rate for all ages is 69.9%Trusted Source.
Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL)This form of leukemia mostly affects adults over the age of 55.The relative 5-year survival rate for people of all ages with this form of leukemia is 87.2%Trusted Source.
Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML)This type of leukemia is also most prominent in adults over age 55.Five-year survival rate for all ages for this type of leukemia is about 70.6%Trusted Source.
Chronic Myelomonocytic Leukemia (CMML)Most cases occur in people 60 years of age and over. It’s rare for CMML to be diagnosed in someone under 40.The 5-year survival rateTrusted Source for people with CMML depends on their subtype. CMML-1 has a 20% survival rate after 5 years, but CMML-2 has a 10% survival rate at 5 years.

The subtype of this leukemia doesn’t only affect survival rates. It can also have an impact on how likely you are to be diagnosed with other types of cancer later on.
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Leukemia Treatment

The treatment of leukemia is possible with radiotherapy and chemotherapy as in other types of cancer. However, leukemia can provide faster and permanent treatment with marrow transplantation. Any treatment used in cancer treatment can also be used in the treatment of leukemia. Therefore, there are varieties and each can be used in different combinations. Methods used in the treatment of leukemia may include;

Chemotherapy: Chemotherapy is the main form of treatment for leukemia. This drug therapy uses chemicals to kill leukemia cells. It is the first line of treatment for many types of cancer and is very effective. The drugs used during chemotherapy differ.

At the same time, the drugs to be used for the treatment of leukemia can be taken with a combination at the same time, can be swallowed drugs in the form of pills, drugs given by intravenous injection, this completely depends on your specific cancer treatment.

Targeted therapy: Targeted drug therapies focus on specific abnormalities found in cancer cells. Targeted drug treatments can block these abnormalities, causing cancer cells to die. Your leukemia cells will be tested to see if targeted therapy will work for you.

Radiation therapy: Radiation therapy uses X-rays or other high-energy rays to damage leukemia cells and stop their growth. During radiation therapy, you will not get hurt, while you are lying on a table, a large device moves over you and does not touch you. While radiation therapy can be used to treat you, it can also be used to prepare you for a bone marrow transplant.

Bone marrow transplant: Also called a stem cell transplant, a bone marrow transplant helps rebuild healthy stem cells by replacing unhealthy bone marrow with leukemia-free stem cells that will regenerate healthy bone marrow. This is possible with stem cells taken from first-degree relatives.

Immunotherapy: Immunotherapy uses your immune system to fight cancer. Your body’s disease-fighting immune system may not attack your cancer because cancer cells produce proteins that help them hide from immune system cells. Immunotherapy works by interfering with this process

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UK Leukemia Treatment

The UK is a country with a highly developed health infrastructure system. There are many successful cancer treatment centers. Although UK cancer treatment has shown successful results, unfortunately, there is a known fact that the fees for most treatments are quite high. The NHS will of course reimburse for cancer treatment or provide free cancer treatment. but that’s not enough! Because the number of UK cancer patients is quite high. This makes it very difficult to get treatment in public hospitals.

If patients plan to receive treatment in the UK, they have to wait months. This equates to the same amount of time in cancer diagnosis. For this reason, the process of being diagnosed with cancer and starting treatment may unfortunately be late. This will affect the treatment success rate of the patient very negatively. If you are planning to receive cancer treatment in the UK, you should consider getting treatment at Private UK cancer treatment centers. Also, the price may be too high for you. For this reason, by reading our content, you can learn how to get treatments with high success rates at affordable prices without waiting time.

Markey Cancer Center

The Markey Cancer Treatment center is one of the most well-known and successful cancer centers in the UK. It is also true that it provides highly successful treatments. What about the prices? While the NHS offers all treatment for cancer patients free of charge, unfortunately this is not the case for private cancer treatments. For this reason, patients spend time in public hospitals with long waiting times and are often late for treatment.

To avoid this, patients plan to receive treatment in different countries. In order to receive treatment in a good center such as the Markey Cancer treatment center, you must agree to pay an average of 20,000 € for each session in the UK. Or you can take a look at more affordable options with the same standards.

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UK Cancer Treatment Prices

UK private cancer treatment centers Prices are variable. There are different prices for the treatment of patients, different prices for chemotherapy and radiotherapy. At the same time, the stage of the cancer will cost different prices for each session. To give an average price, chemotherapy prices at a UK private cancer treatment center will start at €10,000 per session. This price can go up to 30.000€. For radiotherapy, it is possible to find prices starting at €15,000, but it can also go up to €40,000.

Best Country For Leukemia Treatment

Leukemia is a difficult process to treat. Therefore, patients should receive good treatment. Considering UK prices and waiting times, unfortunately, although it provides treatments with a high success rate, it will negatively affect the treatments. For this reason, patients start to look for the best countries for Leukemia treatment. Austria and Turkey come first among these countries.

Although Austria is a country that can offer the most successful treatments without waiting, unfortunately due to its prices, it is difficult for patients to reach. Turkey, on the other hand, is a country that provides possible treatments for every patient with both affordable prices and successful treatments. You can also choose Turkey to meet the treatment costs, not to have difficulties and to receive successful treatments.

Turkey Leukemia Treatment

Turkey is a very successful country in the field of health tourism. With its advanced health infrastructure system and affordable prices, it is the first stop for many foreign patients to get treatment. For this reason, it has experienced a great improvement in the treatment of a serious and important disease such as cancer and uses the technology to the fullest in cancer treatment. It is one of the best-priced centers that can provide successful treatments as much as Turkey Cancer Treatment Centres, USA Cancer Treatment Centres, UK Cancer Treatment Centres, and Germany Cancer Treatment Centres. You can also choose this country for the treatment of leukemia.

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Considering Austria, which is one of the best countries, it can provide treatments as successful as Austria, but the long queues in Austria’s cancer treatment centers are not in question in Turkey. While patients in Austria have to wait months for each chemotherapy or radiotherapy session, these periods do not exist in Turkey. On the contrary, the patient’s session can start in a much shorter time and the patients comfort is at the forefront. For all these reasons, patients from many countries of the world prefer to be treated in Turkey.

Turkey Cancer Treatment Centers

The number of cancer treatment centers in Turkey is quite high. Istanbul Cancer treatment centers, Antalya Cancer treatment centers and Izmir cancer treatment centers are the most preferred centers. In addition, you should know that if you plan to receive leukemia treatment in Turkey, you can get the latest treatment for cancer with personalized cancer treatment.
Even if we think you will get treatment in the UK or even free treatment by the NHS, if you do a little calculation you will have to spend thousands of euros.

Considering that a patient receiving cancer treatment is not working, the patient should go to the center 1 day in advance for each treatment session and stay in a nearby hotel. In addition, the nutrition of cancer patients is extremely important. They should consume the healthiest foods. This will cause extra expenses. On the other hand, your expenses will increase during your stay at home and you will often support some fundraisers to feel good. The free treatment offered by the NHS may have even become paid, with these expenses. You should also know that treatments cannot be taken on time.

However, in Turkey cancer treatment centers, your treatment will be much cheaper. The fact that the exchange rate is quite high increases the purchasing power of the patients and ensures that they spend much less than in their country. Considering that the treatments will be taken on time, it will be more advantageous to receive leukemia treatment in Turkey instead of getting leukemia treatment in your country.

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Turkey Leukemia Treatment Prices

Turkey Leukemia treatment prices will vary according to the patients. The duration of the treatment session, the cancer stage of the patient and what treatment he will receive, All these are the details necessary to determine the cost of the treatment. For this reason, it would not be right to give a clear price to patients remotely. For this reason, patients who plan to come to Turkey for cancer treatment often contact us to get information about the treatment. By sending the treatment files to us, you can learn the treatment fee in detail and easily access the treatment plan. To get rid of UK cancer treatment prices, you can get timely and accurate cancer treatments at the most affordable prices in Turkey. Prices may vary as follows;
Chemotherapy; 1.200€
radiotherapy; 3.500€

Turkey Chemotherapy Prices

Each cancer treatment has different prices. Leukemia is one of the most costly cancer treatments. For this reason, patients receive cancer treatment in Turkey when they have difficulty in paying in UK cancer treatment centers. In Turkey, the price of Chemotherapy for Leukemia is €4,100, although prices are variable.

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