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How Much IVF and Gender Selection Cost in Phuket, Thailand?

IVF treatment has been helping couples who are having trouble conceiving children for more than 40 years. For those who have not had success with other infertility therapies, IVF is one of the most successful infertility treatments available today.

Cities in Thailand like Phuket are among the best places in the world for fertility treatments, accepting couples from all over the world. The availability of gender selection IVF treatments sets Thailand apart from many other nations.

If you think IVF would be a good option for you, continue reading to discover more about the IVF procedure and gender selection services provided in Phuket.

What Is IVF Treatment?

IVF stands for “in vitro fertilization” and it is one of the most effective assisted reproductive technologies (ART) available in modern medicine. IVF helps women get pregnant and it is frequently a very successful treatment option for both male and female infertility problems. It involves fertilizing the eggs outside of the human body, in an IVF laboratory.

How Is IVF Performed?

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IVF is a process that requires great attention and precision. The process can take up to three weeks and there is a medication treatment before the process can start.

These are the steps that an IVF procedure usually takes;

  • Egg Production Stimulation
  • Egg Retrieval
  • Collecting Sperm
  • Egg Fertilization
  • Transferring the Embryos

Women typically generate one egg each month, however extra egg availability is required to maximize the likelihood of conceiving through IVF. Because of this, the initial phase of IVF entails regulating the woman’s ovulation cycle and using fertility medicine to encourage the creation of numerous eggs. Before eggs may be retrieved, pharmaceutical treatment often starts 4-6 weeks in advance. When the eggs are ready, a process known as transvaginal egg aspiration is used to retrieve them from the follicles inside the ovaries.

The two methods of fertilization are intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), which involves injecting the sperm directly into the egg, and artificial insemination, which involves putting the sperm in the fluid around the eggs in a laboratory setting. During this phase, either the husband’s own sperm or suitable sperm from a donor may be used.

The development and growth of the embryos formed from the fertilized eggs are carefully monitored. Later, the embryologists identify the healthiest embryo or multiple embryos, and those are implanted in the uterus of the mother. While many couples achieve a successful pregnancy on the first IVF cycle, it is possible that several cycles are necessary to conceive.

Can You Select Gender With IVF?

Couples can choose whether to have a boy or a girl by using a technique known as gender selection, sometimes referred to as sex selection. Nowadays, it is possible to identify an embryo’s gender during IVF treatment before implanting it in a woman’s uterus.

Preimplantation genetic diagnosis, or PGB, is a procedure used alongside IVF to examine the chromosomes of embryos fertilized in a lab. PGB is a test that is used to examine an embryo for genetic abnormalities. The same test can also be used to determine an embryo’s gender.

If the couple wants to conceive a child of the either sex, embryos that have been confirmed to be of that gender can be implanted in the womb. This allows the sex of the unborn baby to be determined in advance.

Where Is Gender Selection Legal? Is Gender Selection Legal in Thailand?

Gender selection is a treatment that is available in only a handful of countries worldwide. In the remaining majority of the countries, gender selection is either illegal or highly regulated by the government.

Thailand is one of the few nations that allows for gender selection making it a popular destination for people wishing to have this treatment. Thailand draws many international couples from Europe, the United States, Japan, the Middle East, and other Asian countries because gender selection is available and affordable.

Medical Tourism in Thailand

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Not only is Thailand a popular tourist destination, but it is also a top location for medical tourism. Over a million foreigners travel to Thailand every year for medical and surgical operations.

In recent years, the nation has established a solid reputation as a top-notch medical tourism destination. The fact that Thailand is home to multiple internationally renowned hospitals has helped the country’s medical tourism industry gain appeal. The nation is renowned for its effective and reasonably priced medical services, including reproductive, cosmetic, and dental procedures.

The Thai government is making significant financial investments in the healthcare industry and medical travel tourism. In Thailand, numerous leading healthcare facilities with the newest equipment and technologies provide treatments to people from across the world. Due to the high rate of medical tourism in the nation, Thailand offers the most advanced and safe medical procedures performed by licensed and experienced healthcare professionals.

The low cost of treatments in Thailand contributes to their popularity. Millions of individuals worldwide prefer Thailand for medical tourism since it is feasible to have medical treatments there for costs that are more than 50% lower than in many other nations.

Of course, one of the main draws of visiting Thailand is the variety of vacation options available there. Patients frequently have a lot of free time while receiving medical care, which they can use to explore the rich and diverse country that is Thailand. Many patients even spend some time in the Thai cities before or after their treatment to take advantage of the stunning beaches, historical and natural landmarks, unique festivals, vibrant nightlife, and delicious cuisine.

Why Travel to Phuket for Gender Selection and IVF

The southern city of Phuket, situated on the country’s largest island, is a well-known tourist attraction. Phuket draws thousands of visitors each year due to its tropical climate and year-round sunshine. Both the main island and the outlying islands off the coast of Phuket have beautiful beaches surrounded by lush vegetation. Scuba diving, sailing, rafting, shopping, and seeing well-known sites like Phang Nga Bay and the Big Buddha statue are just a few of the options available for excited visitors. The city is famed for its wonderful seafood, and the local cuisine is a blend of various different cuisines.

Phuket Fertility Centers

In addition to its tourism attractions, Phuket is home to thriving fertility clinics that annually welcome a large number of patients. In the reputable clinics, each family’s demands are carefully considered, and the medical staff go over each step of the IVF and gender selection processes as well as the patient’s medical history. The fertility center staff is caring about giving the patients a safe environment and assisting couples in having a family of their dreams.

For the greatest outcomes, fertility clinics in Phuket will create a treatment plan according to your needs and medical background.

IVF and Gender Selection Costs in Phuket

The cost of many medical procedures and treatments in Thailand is significantly lower than it would be in western nations including European countries, Australia, or the United States. IVF treatment packages currently cost about €6,800 at Phuket’s fertility clinics. IVF with gender selection would cost about $12,000 total.

These packages include amenities like accommodation and transportation to and from the airport, hotel, and the fertility clinic in Phuket.

You may get additional information from us if you’re interested in learning more about gender selection and IVF procedures in Phuket. Anyone interested in having these treatments in Phuket may contact us for a free consultation; we are here around-the-clock to assist you and create the best treatment plan for you.

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