Gastric Sleeve Montenegro vs Turkey, Cons, Pros and Costs

Gastric sleeve surgery, also known as sleeve gastrectomy, is a popular weight loss surgery that involves the removal of a portion of the stomach. Montenegro and Turkey are two popular destinations for gastric sleeve surgery. In this article, we will explore the pros, cons, and costs of gastric sleeve surgery in these two countries.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Montenegro Pros:

  • Affordable: Montenegro is an affordable destination for medical tourism and offers an affordable alternative to Turkey. The cost of gastric sleeve surgery in Montenegro ranges from €3,000 to €7,000 ($3,500 to $8,000 USD).
  • Experienced surgeons: Montenegro has a growing reputation for experienced surgeons who have completed numerous sleeve gastrectomy procedures.
  • Beachside location: Many clinics in Montenegro are located in scenic coastal locations, which can offer a relaxing environment for recovery.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Montenegro Cons:

  • Limited facilities: Medical facilities in Montenegro may have limited resources compared to those in Turkey. Patients must check the quality of clinics and facilities.
  • Language barriers: Language barriers may be a concern as not all medical staff may speak English fluently.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Turkey Pros:

  • Experienced surgeons: Turkey is known for its experienced surgeons, with many clinics having completed thousands of sleeve gastrectomy procedures.
  • High-quality facilities: Facilities in Turkey use the latest technology and offer high-quality post-operative patient care.
  • Affordable: Turkey is affordable for medical tourism, with the cost of gastric sleeve surgery ranging from $1,950 to $3,000 USD.
  • Short waiting lists: Patients can usually schedule gastric sleeve surgery without facing long waiting lists.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Turkey Cons:

  • Travel: Patients must factor in the cost of travel and accommodation when scheduling surgery in Turkey.
  • Quality control: As the popularity of medical tourism grows in Turkey, the quality of clinics and services can vary. Patients must carefully research and select a reputable clinic that meets international standards.

Both Montenegro and Turkey are viable options for gastric sleeve surgery, but the choice ultimately depends on the patient’s specific needs and preferences. The cost of surgery is considerably less in Montenegro than Turkey, but the quality of care and facilities must be considered. Turkey, on the other hand, offers experienced surgeons, high-quality facilities, and competitive pricing, but patients must ensure they select a clinic with international standards. Patients should conduct thorough research, read reviews, and ask for recommendations from medical professionals before making their decision.

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